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    Adding this one simply because it is one of the first things my mom and aunt ever learned to cook... the narration is what they put in the cookbook when they wrote the recipes down.

    Arkansas Pie
    Recipe by Maxine Bookout and Betty Scott from memories of long ago

    It would be a shame to leave this recipe out. I just have to tell you how this pie came about. My Mom and Dad took us to visit some very dear old friends of theirs, Mr. And Mrs Snow. They lived on Tucker Knob mountain. Mrs. Snow was making dinner. So for dessert she took a jar of blackberries from the shelf. She heated them just to dissolve the sugar. She started putting saltine crackers in a bowl. Then a layer of berries. I was about 11 years old, and being curious asked her what in the world she was doing. She laughed and said “honey child haven’t you ever heard of Arkansas pie”. I just knew it would be a big disaster. Oh, did I have a big surprise. It was a fantastic dessert. Very tasty on a hot summers day. Needless to say I drove my Mom crazy wanting to make that Arkansas Pie, and after I grew up you can believe I made it quite often.

    1 quart of blackberries. The frozen ones will work, but the fresh ones are best. Sweeten to taste. Heat to dissolve sugar. Start with 1 ˝ cups of sugar if not sweet enough add more. Start with saltine crackers, line a bowl with layer then a layer of berries, ending topping with crackers. Serve with whipped cream. Fresh strawberries are very good made in same manner. But don’t heat them, just slice and sweeten then layer them with crackers. Top with whipping cream.
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