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Thread: 14 Reasons Why The Economic Collapse of Japan Has Begun

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    Default 14 Reasons Why The Economic Collapse of Japan Has Begun

    14 Reasons Why the Economic Collapse of Japan Has Begun


    "The economic collapse of Japan has begun. The extent of the devastation is now becoming clear and many are now projecting that this will be the most expensive natural disaster in modern human history. The tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th swept up to 6 miles inland, destroying virtually everything in the way. Countless thousands were killed and entire communities were totally wiped out. So how does a nation that is already drowning in debt replace dozens of cities and towns that have suddenly been destroyed? Many in the mainstream media are claiming that the economy of Japan will bounce right back from this, but they are wrong. The tsunami decimated thousands of square miles. The loss of homes, cars, businesses and personal wealth is almost unimaginable. It is going to take many years to rebuild the roads, bridges, rail systems, ports, power lines and water systems that were lost. There are going to be a significant number of Japanese insurance companies and financial institutions that are going to be totally wiped out as a result of this great tragedy. Of course in the days ahead the Japanese people will band together and work hard to rebuild the nation, but the truth is that it is impossible to "bounce right back" from such a massive loss of wealth, assets and infrastructure.

    Just think about what happened after Hurricane Katrina. Did the economy of New Orleans bounce right back? No, there are some areas of New Orleans today that still look like war zones.

    Well, this disaster is much worse."

    (Rest at above link)

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    Well, if we could ever find the cojones to fire Ben, looks like there's a place that could use his services. The guy's a wizard at making money appear out of thin air, forget the consequences.
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    Seems like a good time for a country to use the get out of jail free card "Force Majeure"
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