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Thread: Your opinions on baptizing at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by "Capt. Midnight" View Post
    A Layperson is fully able to do a Baptism that is fully valid, and ought to be, in any Church or Congregation of like minded Believers.
    That's the bottom line for me.

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    I ask you folks to forgive me but I just saw this post today and don't have the wear with all to read all 17 pages. The first few were good, then the fighting. We are truly as siblings, always fighting it seems.++

    For the scholars on the thread, who ordained John the Baptist to baptize people and why was he baptizing people, where did this practice originate?

    Secondly, how do any of us know we are doing it correctly? Where in the Bible does it say that we are lowered into water backwards like a dead Egyptian, arms folded across chest and have help being brought back up?

    I have heard that John never touched Jesus, John witnessed the baptism and prophesied over the man being baptized. We have all had too much Cecil B. De Mill movies.

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    Could it be the rock the Christ spoke of be Revelation it's self? Since flesh nor blood revealed to Peter, But the Father in Heaven. Not all people spoken to are Prophets, be they Major or Minor. Just everyday people who commune with the Lord.

    What about different offices of the Priesthood.. Mechelsidek to Aaronic. Some offices could perform some functions but others could perform all.
    Not exactly sure of the verse, but some were to be Evangelists, some to be Elders and some to be Teachers... just bringing up the Authoritative aspect of it.

    Reading everyones views and beliefs has kind of rekindled my own faith, but I have to admit, someone who is searching to know the body of Christ without having any type of Spiritual teachings would probably run for the hills after seeing the different view points and the ways they are being communicated.
    But to the op...good question..and when you get down to it, and no other option available I think what is important is the intent of the Ceremony and maybe not the Legalities involved...But who am I ?

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