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    This is why my friends call me Rose Nylund ( Betty White in The Golden Girls):

    True story---last week I was up in Michigan to move my mother to FL to live with us because she can no longer live alone. Mama is difficult at best (senile dementia), so I took frequent walks. Yeah, and it was snowing up there! Ugh! lol

    I don't use a cell phone much, or any phone for that matter (yeah, I'm a woman who hates to talk on the phone, a rarity, lol) but I have a prepaid cell for emergencies that I took on the trip. Well, one day Mama was hard to handle and I needed a breather, so I grabbed my cell and stuffed it in my front pocket and went for a walk, leaving her in the care of the man helping me and told him to call me if he needed me. A small cemetery was around the block from Mama's apt and her late husband is buried there so I decided to visit his grave.

    So I'm walking around the cemetery looking for his headstone. I'm the only person around, not even a car going by. And I hear this ringing....

    I looked one. I looked for a car...nothing.... Looked around one. And because the ringing seemed to be coming from directly in front of guessed it. I looked at the headstone and thought it was ringing. And my first thought was, "Oh my, did they bury this guy with a cell phone?

    Then I realized it was my phone.

    Well, I don't disagree with my friends who call me Rose. But, I have an excuse.....years ago my aunt asked to be buried with a pack of cigs and a lighter. And my dad asked to be buried with a pen, notepad, family pictures and a blank check (he was joking but it was in his Will so we did it, lol). So why not a cell phone?


    Just call me Rose....

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    Funny story "Rose".

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    Now that would be a VERY long-distance call!!


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