You know, I scanned this thread, and I've no one poster in mind, and it is clear that many are able to cite the Holy Writ rather well. I will say, with FULL admittance that my Orthodox Faith questions a FEW of the tenuous logical strings some have used to thread together there answers, just a FEW thoughts, not going at anyone, just from my side of the pew.

THE DEADLIEST Sin, is pride, it is the reason lucifer fell, as well, it is the SAME reason he committed THREE sins that made him anathema to his very Creator.

Besides the clearly cited Holy Writ, Jesus several times told the Pharisees they should NOT judge, and thusly I myself refuse, as an Orthodox Christian, to wade into these waters, although I admit the question is interesting.

I would with all of this in mind, remind you that Jesus wasn't, the first time, here to judge. We were given a great commission, and all of us, to include myself, aren't spending enough time doing as we were told.