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Thread: Santander brings India call centres back to UK

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    Default Santander brings India call centres back to UK

    [Looks like some big companies are finally paying attention and realizing that people asking where their package are (or in this case their bank statements) don't like the sort of answer I got from Federal Express a few years ago "rackage on ruck, puter say rackage on ruck..." - DC]

    Santander brings India call centres back to UK

    Banking giant Santander UK today said it had returned all its call centres in India to the UK following complaints from customers.

    Santander has annnounced it has moved all its call centres from India to the UK. Photo: Roy Lawe / Alamy

    By Josie Ensor
    9:19AM BST 08 Jul 2011


    The UK's third biggest bank, which is owned by Spanish parent Banco Santander, said the move had created 500 UK-based jobs.

    The bank said the decision was taken following feedback from customers who said dealing with an offshore call centre was "a frustration that can lead to dissatisfaction".

    As of July 1, all calls handled by the Indian centres are now being dealt with by staff based in Glasgow, Leicester and Liverpool.
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    Hello, my name Peggy.

    Love those commercials!

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    Dilbert has fun with this a lot in the Elbonians:

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    Unhappy know about the indian issue,

    friend worked(remember worked , pass tense) at a local company that got rid of its entire purchasing and IT staff, and sent it all to some indian company,
    the dedicated american workers were not good enough, the indians were supposed to be sooooo much better than the quote lazy americans, well,

    so far, that companys IT infrastructure is falling apart, and the purchasing issues from what I have been told, people who have been ordering maint parts overnight rush, are stilll waiting 3wks later with down machines, yet back when the americans were still working,getting things ordered in over night was a reality,

    not anymore, corperate stupidity sometimes is mindboggling
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    A picture worth a thousand words...

    The rule that you get what you paid for, still applies.

    I have to laugh, we've been getting scam calls that claim they are from Microsoft tech support and you can hear their kids playing in the background. What can you say other than to ask if they are calling from Microsoft's daycare center?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilbur View Post
    Hello, my name Peggy.

    Love those commercials!

    (Several Peggy commercials in sequence)

    Those are funny! We don't get them up here.


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