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Either you don't understand or your a troll. Accepting your question in the most favorable light I'll attempt to give you an answer.

Jesus clearly stated that he didn't come to destroy the law but only its eternal effects. Sin is still sin and we all sin in one way or another every day. I usually have a handful under my belt before getting out of bed in the morning and any one of them would be grounds for eternal damnation. The punishment for those sins has already been placed on the Person of Jesus Christ and paid for with His blood. There is nothing I can do in my mortal body to stop sinning and there is nothing I can do to pay for the consequences so I gave it all to Jesus. Now, I may try to avoid things I know are sinful but I'm not too good at that. My feeble efforts however are a result of what Jesus has done for me not in any way an attempt to gain favor because of how good I am.
The Messiah, Yahshua (YehShua) said be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven.
The Apostle paul wrote in Romans 7 that before He yeilded to YahShua, when he wanted to do good, he could not, and when he could do go good, he didn't want to.
After He conformed himslef to YahShua, was no longer a sinner. (Romans
The wages of sin are death.
Many alleged Christians suppose that they can keep on sinning, because, they are saved, but they are not.
Baptism means that the baptized has confessed that he is dead because of sin, and his dead body is buried in the water.
He comes out of the water a new man, dedicated to obeying the Word (Logic) of the Creator.
Mistakes are not sins. Errors are not sins. But neglecting/refusing to obey the King of Salvation is sin for those who chose to be baptised, and is sin for most other folks too. Most of Israel was lost to sin in the 40 years in the desert.
In the Parable of the 10 virgins, half of Israel is lost. Only half were accepted to the Wedding.