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Thread: Make your own pectin

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    Default Make your own pectin

    In the process of finishing off an order for the last few fruit trees for our orchard, I came across an unknown (to me) tree called a Russian Quince.

    In the description, it said the fruit had a high pectin content.

    So I added it to my order, thinking pectin would come in useful, and besides the fruits are supposed to be quite good. (Described as lemony or pineappley)

    But I got to wondering how to extract the pectin from the fruit. Unfortunately, the only pectin I have experience with comes from the store. . . .

    So here's a nifty explanation about how to extract pectin from apples, (I'll work under the assumption that it's the same method for this quince) and then how much to use in your recipes. Hopefully somebody will find this info useful. I sure do!
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    Yep - it works even better with quinces than with apples. That is why quinces used to be so common.

    Gooseberries work well too, although they need to be lightly crushed before boiling.
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    Thank you, I didn't know how to test with rubbing alcohol. When I make applesauce, I use the same water over and over to cook the apples. At the end of applesauce day, I can that water which is now very pink and thick. I put it away for the day I don't have any store-bought pectin (it will add an apple flavor to your berry jelly.) I hadn't thought about crab apples. Duh!

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