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Thread: Woman threatens to kill Professor and white students in her "Evolution" class

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapeCMom View Post
    Someone went off her meds....
    Kinda looks like her evolution stopped somewhere back along the line....

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    Quote Originally Posted by night driver View Post

    Insofaras the KKK and their abuses, you might want to do a TAD bit more research. They were every bit as abusive, up to and including destroying at LEAST one whole town, as reputed.

    I spent some time in VaBchVa with (much to my chagrin/displeasure) the son/grandson of some of the"leading lights" of the Klan in the 30's, 40's and 50's. They were even MORE abusive than a LOT of Northerners know. I can tell ya that the business end of a 12 ga looks like the frickin Holland Tunnel when an unstable backwoods redneck "Virginia Gentleman"* decides that you are a no-count Yankee who needs to be taught a lesson you can't unlearn.

    Your stats on white vs non-white slaves ONLY works if one includes the early indentured servants in the Colonies.

    * The operative def'n of "Virginia Gentleman" can be PC'd as "Having gotten his start on a black girl." Yah Walter was a Piece 'o Work. Because of him I know about lookin over my shoulder waitin for the "touch" on my bride, which got bought off but not without some serious discomfort.

    I can only imagine the fear generated by the threat of unlearnable lessons.
    That's the first time I''ve heard of the term "Virginia Gentleman".
    I'll also defer to you on the stats.


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    Maybe no one told her you can't use more than one of those trans-dermal nicotine patches at a time.

    For it is written, AS I LIVE, SAITH THE LORD,

    KJV Romans 14:11

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    Quote Originally Posted by dosadi View Post
    There is an unintended consequence of such behavior, and the so called "norms" that have come about.

    The white male backed off, and remained in control of himself instead of reacting and striking back.

    White males have learned to remain calm in the face of extreme provocation and not loose their temper. (The ones destined to be successful, not the ones who emulate the feral behavior of their feral aggressors.)

    They have learned to bide their time, and to make any violence they release count, and not have blow back upon themselves. If the system forces them to behave this way to attain their goals they will do so.

    However, do not mistake the "public face" they present to reflect the long term actions that they will take.

    There is a huge storm coming, and when it does, white males of European descent are the children of hundreds years of successful domination of the entire planet. When they do act, it will be to eliminate not only immediate threat, but as in Biblical descriptions, to "destroy utterly".

    There is a truth behind the concept of "salted earth". When the white male collectively acts the next time he will not only move to stop the problem in the moment but to remove any future threat also.

    Prepare, no matter how one counts it, they are still the majority and the deadliest of all the groups on the planet.

    Bet on it long term.

    As much that has been tried in public schooling, churching, and politicing, you have hit vividly on the truth. It will leave a mark on society be it right or wrong.
    There are no stains on the pages of tomorrow.

    "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." --Sinclair Lewis

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