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Thread: Recovery In Action: Nearly $300 Billion Student Debt In Default

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    The reports I am hearing from some of my students, plus a number of first person reports I have read on the net (all posted independent of one another, by different people, in different parts of the country), strongly suggests that they are doing this with student loan payments, too.

    And NOT just West Fargo... BoA is known for doing this too, if the many first person accounts I am heaing from my students and reading on the net are accurate...

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    I would advise any potential student to stay away from those loans, too, having gone through the whole mess myself. I will say right now that I was to blame as well though by not being very "money-management" savvy .......but, it was a VICIOUS cycle to get into to and I'm embarrassed to admit how many years it took me/us to get out of it. All I will say is that we finally used home equity to pay it all off once and for all to keep the phone from ringing, the constant letters from coming, and to stop the anxiety in general. When my mother in law passed, we then used some of the money my SO inherited to pay the home equity off for good. Money that could have gone elsewhere, and money he used willingly and happily just to stop the nightmare. I still feel gulity about that, for sure. All of that for only 15k in loans! Thank goodness I worked full time while in school and never took out more than I needed.

    What a mess that was! The interest, deferrments, round and round the mulberry bush, over and over and over.

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