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Thread: How long to store Aspirin?

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    Question How long to store Aspirin?

    I was wondering if anyone has looked into how long Aspirin retains its potency for long term storage?
    What herbal concoctions can replace Aspirin when TSHTF?
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    I've read/heard when you take the cap off if it smells like vinegar it's too old. The stronger the smell the less potent it is.

    This only happened to us once and the smell wasn't very strong but threw it out anyway.

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    I hear tell the same - vinegar odor = toss the aspirin. Willow bark, the inner bark, is the original source of "aspirin" and still the best replacement herb for commercial aspirin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain Chuck View Post
    I was wondering if anyone has looked into how long Aspirin retains its potency for long term storage?
    Aspirin tablets darken due to oxidation once the bottle's been opened. I've never noticed an odor of vinegar, but I wouldn't swallow discolored tablets.

    Aspirin and me aren't real close buddies anyway.
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    Aspirin in a sealed airtight bottle kept out of direct light has an extremely long
    shelf life. The trick is to keep moisture out of the bottle. Once a bottle has
    been opened than the clock starts running though scrupulous storage can help keep
    it viable for a long time. In the desert here I've had a bottle that's been open for
    several years, I rarely take aspirin but the contents of this bottle are still fine
    after being open for a long time. In more humid climates though the time frame
    will likely be different.
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    An unopened bottle will last for years. FYI if you want to keep Aspirin good for a longer period after opening keep that cotten peice in the bottle.

    Willow is a natural aspirin. Google it, the biggest problem with using willow is that you dont know what dose your getting. FYI chewing on a willow twig will relieve a toothache - Ive done this myself it really works

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