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Thread: Multiculturalism: Would Jesse Jackson be better off living in Uganda?

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    Those that get the most always want more.

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    Question ?

    Quote Originally Posted by doat View Post
    Those that get the most always want more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    SO TRUE!!!

    IF Americans actually lived in EUROPE- let alone the Third World- the would IMPEACH every Clinton/Obama fool who proclaims that we "Need to be more like Europe"
    +1 !

    I'm tired of know-nothing greenie weenies and looney leftists who want us to embrace that lifestyle.

    That's like Al Gore going on and on about how everyone needs to install watersavers and he has several large spa tubs in that mansion he lives in . . . as I recall.

    I'm not giving up my hot showers and existing on beans and rice because some nutcase thinks I own/ use too much and need to embrace poverty for Noble Reasons.

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    It's not where you are, It's where your at!


    I don't remember who this fella was, he was either a radio host or movie star but I heard him tell this story on the radio. I think it was Larry Elder but not sure. I am telling this from memory so bare with me.

    Anyway, the story starts with him and his wife and another black couple planning a trip to Afrika. They were so excited they couldn't wait to see the country of their roots. He said they landed and got off the plane and immediately there was unease in the air and they had not been there less than an hour from arrival and they were , lets just say, frightened.

    They went to their hotel and while not enjoying their stay, they tried to go on and enjoy the ride. They took a tour with other folks of some tribal villages. He described this part with widened eye's for he said "you know, they don't have discrimination in Afrika, they just kill yo a$$! He explained that the entrance to these tribal lands was a corridor of human skulls, the other tribes skulls. You see in africa, gangs are taken to a whole nother dimension. The whole country is divided into warring tribes ( gangs).

    They arrived back to their hotel and he said they ran to buy tickets to get out of afrika. To their sorrow they could not leave for a few days. When they arrived back in the USA, he got down on his knees and kissed the ground literally and said, "thank God my ancestors were brought here."

    Personally I believe we should seriously consider a law any gang member of any color should be deported to afrika. They can play gang all day long in afrika.

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    I say lets try it and find out.

    Today if possible.

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    Jesse would be better off as he would be limited in his ability to con and corrupt Americans and he would have an opportunity to experience reality and to repent and change his ways. America would also be better off without him.

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    I don't know if he would be better but like what others have said we as a nation would be better off.

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