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Thread: George Washington Named Britains Greatest Ever Foe

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    Default George Washington Named Britains Greatest Ever Foe

    I thought a lot of people might appreciate this one! (Irish Leader Michael Collins was next - both beat out Napoleon Bonaparte - so the obvious way to beat a power bigger than you are (or an occupying force is...)

    George Washington Named Britain's Greatest Ever Foe

    The American was voted the winner in a contest run by the National Army Museum to identify the country's most outstanding military opponent.

    He was one of a shortlist of five leaders who topped a public poll and on Saturday was selected as the ultimate winner by an audience of around 70 guests at a special event at the museum, in Chelsea, west London.

    In second place was Michael Collins, the Irish leader, ahead of Napoleon Bonaparte, Erwin Rommel andMustafa Kemal Atatürk.

    Click on title for the rest of the article
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    I read this today and my first thoughts were about the UK and Germany. Germany cost England two generations of its very best men. Emigration cost it too much of the rest.

    A nation made up of the descendants of the crippled, lame, lazy and those people that they would give their country to. Not my words but those of a British expat friend.

    The empires greatest enemy was certainly the nation of Germany.
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    Man, for a George Washington today.......

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    Heh, could have fooled me mate,,I always thought it was Ian Smith,,,at least thats what they tried to ram up our bums.

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