Italy: Convert to Islam arrested for misunderstanding his new, peaceful faith, plotting to bomb synagogue

Here again, we see the human cost of misunderstanding what we all know, on pain of "Islamophobia" charges, is a Religion of Peace. Yet Islamic leaders in Italy are no more inclined than they are anywhere to try to protect young Muslims from misunderstanding Islam in this way. How curious!
"Italian convert to Islam arrested on terror charges," from JTA, April 24:
ROME (JTA) – An Italian convert to Islam arrested for suspected links to terrorism was connected to a suspect who planned to bomb Milan's main synagogue. Andrea Campione, 28, who worked in a picture frame factory, was arrested in the Adriatic seacoast town of Pesaro on Monday during an anti-terrorism crackdown in several cities. Authorities said Campione was associated with Mohamed Jarmoune, a Moroccan man arrested last month on suspicion of plotting an attack on Milan’s main synagogue.
Reports said Campione had a Moroccan girlfriend and was apprehended as he was about to leave Italy for Morocco.
Investigators, who said Campione disseminated jihadist material, seized his computer and other digital material. They said that Campione had sent Jarmoune and others links to Internet sites containing information on how to carry out terror attacks