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Thread: Need help! DH ears' blister in the summer.

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    Default I have eczema and it is seasonal for me [late spring & summer]

    Do the blisters/scabs ooze clear and or yellow? If so, it could be eczema. You can try Neosporin OTC to see if that helps or get a script for triamcinolone acetonide - after that you'd need a potent steroid cream. I've had much better luck with creams than ointments. Good luck.

    BTW the itch is part of the eczema.
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    Thanks, Lancer.

    The blisters ooze clear liquid. We put some calamine lotion on it yesterday, and that stopped the itching, except when his ears get hot.

    I didn't know eczema could be seasonal - that's good information to have.


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