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Thread: Uncured Bacon - what to do with it?

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    Since in MY world, a "couple of pounds" equals a single serving of ANY kind of bacon, I say fry it up, make BLT's and enjoy immediately! I guess I don't see a problem that requires advice (but I AM DEFINITELY a diagnosed and confirmed "bacon-aholic"). Anything under 5 pounds constitutes supper, with maybe a little left over for breakfast. Bacon? No officer there is no bacon here (he says, wiping his mouth).

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    Uncured bacon, around here, means bacon that just doesn't have the nitrates/nitrites added as cured bacon has. Same cut, same smokey flavor as cured bacon. Freezes the same, refrigerates the same, cooks the same as cured bacon. Not the same as salt pork which is also delicious but not smoked. However, uncured bacon will cause you nothing but trouble, that's why it is suggested that you pack it up - all of it - and send it to me for <droool, droooool,> um...., disposal!

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    south americans make chiccharron

    thick slice it...major thick bacon slices...maybe a half inch or more

    just barely cut through the skin side every inch or so

    now powder with baking SODA ( yes soda from the fridge haha) and let that tenderize for about 30 minutes

    rinse it good to get rid of the soapy soda taste

    put it in a pan and just enuff water to coverr...simmer the water off on low heat ( called confit )...after that crisp up and pan fry with some smoked paprika n garlic n salt...sometimes there might be enuff fat to go straight to frying after the water boils off

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