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Thread: My Goodness, look at what is in

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    If you are in good with the meat counter guys, some supermarkets will sell this stuff VERY cheaply. We have large hunks of both suet and lard in the freezer. Lard is tasty for frying anything that will be combined with beans, corn tortillas, or eggs.

    Home rendered lard is MUCH tastier than the pure white hydrogenated lard sold in the blue buckets. We just throw some chunks in a skillet, and pour off the melted lard into half pint jars. What's left, I think are called chicharonnes. Very tasty too.

    Now I am inspired, we have way too many potatoes. I think I'll dig out some of that beef suet, and make some fries.

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    I make my own suet for the birds & they seem to eat it much quicker than the store bought stuff. I got the recipe from

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    My mince meat recipe call for a pound of suet. Really good stuff there, Maynard. Recipe makes 14 pints and a lot of pies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberty View Post
    No, but unless you're making beef pie, do you want your crusts to taste like beef?

    Sonofa, did you really not know that suet is fat?

    No, I knew.

    I was just butchering my Beef (758 lbs. on the rail).

    I brought half of him home and was cleaning him up and I took the suet in and gave it to the wife and asked if she wanted to do something with it.

    Well she ran to the computer and away she went, LOL, OH MY, she said this is good stuff, it has CLA and all kinds of stuff in it.

    Hell I didn't know what CLA was, but I knew Suet was always used in my family when we butchered.

    We been using our own beef for 12 years or better, but I had the butcher do them, but the shop changed hands, and we could hardly chew the gravy off the the last one the new owner did, so I been doing our own for the last couple of years.

    The wife has never done anything like this, and though she likes it, it is a "Big" job. LOL

    Dogs really like it

    ps, if you just use the kidney fat, there is not much beef flavor to it.

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