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Thread: Lindsey Williams on Pathfinder Radio Tonight

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    Arrow Lindsey Williams on Pathfinder Radio Tonight

    I just got off the phone with Bobby Black (Natty Bumppo) of Just Measures Coin Shop. He asked me to let you know that Lindsey Williams was going to be on his radio program tonight at 8:00 Central time.

    He said that Lindsey had had five invitations to speak this week, and turned the other four invitations down.

    As always, you can call in with your questions.

    If you have problems hearing the show, be sure to turn the volume off (all the way down) on one of the two listening options, 66K or 32K. Otherwise you may get both shows at the same time and it is crazy making.

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    Well, after the last election of Obama, I'd say that Lindsey Williams is all hot air.

    Wasn't it Lindsey Williams who empathically stated that the elite were furious with Obama over the Canada oil deal and he (Obama) would never be re-elected.

    I just wonder what other mis-information and un-truths Lindsey Williams has been feeding y'all?

    I initially suspected that Lindsey Williams was all about selling his marvelious CDs, explaining the questionable motives of the elite, but I gave him the benifit of my doubt. Now I have no doubts and realize that my first impressions of Lindsey Williams were correct - a spreader of dis-information!

    I sould have trusted my instincts. Now I regret wasting all those hours listening to him because all he has said is really nothing more than hot air escaping yet, another wind bag!!!

    In fact, how much of what Lindsey Williams has stated as fact over the past several years - as truth - has never materialized or even materialized and probably never will? We will never know. It's time we all begin to realize that there is only one source of the truth in this world - the word of God, all others are lies!

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    Yea, this is a BS artist who's time has come and gone, Like most of their ilk, they claim to have inside info, but one after another drop into the pool. I've heard enough from the floaters recently to last a good long time.

    "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?
    Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

    Patrick Henry

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    Bu Bye Lindsey, you are irrelevant

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    Wasn't he the guy that was a chaplain for the oil companies in Alaska that was shown the oceans of oil that we weren't allowed to get?
    Pre-EPA, I think
    Plato once said, “Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.”

    "Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." "Men willingly believe what they wish to believe."
    Julius Caesar

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