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Thread: Humiliation for two male students forced to hold hands as a punishment for fighting

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    Default Humiliation for two male students forced to hold hands as a punishment for fighting

    Humiliation for two male high school students as they are forced to hold hands as a punishment for fighting

    Controversy has engulfed a high school in Arizona as two students were punished for fighting by being forced to hold hands for an hour in the middle of the campus.
    Freshman Charles Crockett, 14, and a sophomore known only as Julio got into a scuffle in P.E. class at Westwood High, Mesa, on Wednesday. School principal Tim Richards gave the boys a simple choice - be suspended or face some public humiliation.
    Both students chose the less serious but more embarrassing option and sat with locked palms for over an hour in front of all their class-mates. The principal's actions are now facing criticism.

    Public humiliation: The students were made to hold hands for over an hour in front of their school-mates as punishment for getting into a fight

    Westwood student Brittney Smyers, who witnessed the incident, toldABC News: 'Kids were laughing at them and calling them names asking, "Are you gay?"'
    Another pupil, Mickey Shull, said: 'I've been in ROTC and it's no different than some of the stuff you have to do there. It works.'

    The image of the boys holding hands and covering their faces was instantly passed around on Facebook, increasing the students' embarrassment.
    Crockett admitted skipping school on Thursday, as he was being teased so much about the punishment. But when CBS5asked what he had learnt from the episode the student replied: 'Don't fight in school.'

    There has been plenty of criticism over the punishment. Several Facebook users described the tactic as 'inappropriate'.

    Another commenter felt the incident encouraged bullying as the boys were targeted for name-calling as a result of the punishment.

    Some maintained that the case sent a negative message to gay students, as it suggests that boys holding hands is a shameful act.
    Principal Richards was appointed at Westwood High earlier this year and has ambitious plans to turn around a school that has suffered declining grades in recent years.
    But not everyone agrees with his methods so far.
    The Mesa Public School District representative has issued a statement in regards to this case:
    'The district does not condone the choice of in-school discipline given these students, regardless of their acceptance or willingness to participate. District leadership will address this matter with the school principal and review district protocol regarding student discipline with all administrators.'
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    well they were not forced to.. they had a choice.. i think it is in poor taste given the gay agenda in this country,,but it was their choice..

    i personally think schools should set up boxing rings and let them get it out of their systems..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dilligaf View Post
    i personally think schools should set up boxing rings and let them get it out of their systems..
    Hold hands? What garbage. Yeah, boxing rings . . . let them fight it out. If they're going to be in that pressure cooker know as a public high school, gotta build in some release valves.

    I wouldn't want a child of mine in public school right now.

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    Eh, I carefully picked my fights. Always of a defensive nature and always in the commons, full view of the school officials.

    Stairwells are death traps... (There was one who was assaulted by 6 into a concrete ribbed wall, that person was airlifted.) fights off property were quite common to work around the punishments.

    I would hate to see public schools now in the age of Facebook and others.

    I would have taken Suspension and be done with it. Been there done that.

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    It's a bit sad that they felt they had to cover their faces. Too bad they couldn't rise above the situation and take it with some dignity. I have been in more than one meeting where we held hands with the person next to us, and there was no hint of shame or homosexuality in the situation. I see no shame in these two young men, except for the shame they themselves broadcast so clearly.

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    I'd be more ashamed of that ugly pink shirt.

    Public education has but one purpose and its not to educate. It's goal is to destroy your dignity as a human being and render you docile enough entering adulthood that you won't disrupt the smooth operation of the employment-taxation system we call "corporate government".

    This punishment looks entirely suitable to fulfill that purpose.

    Don't like it? Tough. Educate your own kids.

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    I was caught fighting in school by the gym coach. He made us go at it for almost an hour on the wrestling mat. No time outs or stalling. That sucked beyond belief. The other guy and I never fought after that.
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    I would imagine that the public shaming would do far more to prevent fighting than any suspension would have done. And they did have a choice in the matter. When I was in school, if you got caught fighting the principle had a nice big wooden paddle that was put to use. Fear and shame do far more to correct bad behavior than nice words and days off.
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    Oh, the poor babies. They are going to be emotionally traumatized!

    Have we become such a nation of wimps that silly little punishments like this cause a controversy???

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    In the current government school system, the homo implications would be considered highly positive and "enlightened".

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