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Thread: Venison

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    We can most of it. I add organic beef broth, fresh garlic, Chanterelle Mushrooms, onions, sea salt, and pepper. We cut off all the fat. The result is tender Venison, tastes excellent, and we use it every dish the way one would use beef.

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    OK need some good advice here. I don't like the gamey taste in venison. I have heard that soaking it in
    1- milk or buttermilk
    2 vinager or Italian dressing
    Takes out the gamey taste - is this true?

    Hoping to try vension this year yet again. The deer around me don't eat much in the way of corn as its pretty much all woods. We will be processing the meat right away and hope to get a younger doe.We will remove all of the fat we can also.

    appreciate any advice from tried and true methods.

    I do realize that venison is not beef but frankly whenever Ive tasted anything but the backstrap steaks its to strong for my tastes.

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    For us the gamey-ness is from the fat. Cut away every bit of fat, gristle, connective tissue and it won't taste gamey.

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    We process it right away. If it is freezing weather, it's nice to let it set up a bit before you start cutting, just to firm up the meat, but those who age venison probably don't eat the meat. Too many ruin it by letting it half-rot, then either throw it out after it sits in the freezer too long, or spend a fortune having sausage and jerky made to hide the taste of their rotten meat.

    It's REALLY important to field dress properly - that means bleed it, gut it and clean it where it drops in the woods- and get the glands out ASAP. Chill down before you drag it out by packing the belly cavity with snow. Then hang by the back legs (get the blood out of the HQ - the best part of the carcass) so it continues to bleed. Put a stick in the gut/chest opening to let the cold air in. Cut the throat wide open.

    I always cook it just like beef. Eat it hot if you don't like the tacky tallow. We use it for burger (no added anything) - the taste is great on it's own. As hamburgers, or in chili and hot dishes, or in meat loaf. We cook the steaks as steaks, roasts as roasts - just like beef. I use stew meat for venison stew or in chili.

    Maybe it's an acquired taste. I don't know at this point. All I know is that my family line would have died out 100 years ago if not for venison. We learned to eat it as kids, and learned to hunt it and cook it as adults.

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    All we did when canning it was put in some salt & put the meat in raw. Processed them in smaller jars. Great for a one man meal. I would try adding some beef bullion although it always was great without when I did it in the past.

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