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Thread: ACA website is now up and fixed.

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    Wink ACA website is now up and fixed.

    Here's the link, click apply and see how you do.

    ACA Website

    ETA: For you Barney Fife's 'blind link! blind link!' real description. Nothing malicious, vulgar, rude, wrong, virus infected, etc. Just have a little fun with it.
    'You have been warned of what they will do, you have a choice.
    Sit quiet and do nothing, wait until your hands are bound behind your back,
    and you are on your knees in a ditch, begging for your life!
    Or as an American, you had the privilege to be born free,
    If you wish to die free you better get up off your ass and make it happen.
    Stand and fight damn-it, if not these just might be the last words your hear,
    ĎAllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar!'

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    I wouldn't even attempt to put my financial information on this site. I plan on just paying more on my current insurance -- which...because Obama Care, is dropping PPO & HMO and going more toward a health Maintenance Plan???? PPO will be available only at $200 more a month premium...Health Mtce Plan has a 5-6,000 yearly deductible but has the savings plan where you can tuck $ aside in case you need to pay toward Deductible ---- I never had such lousy insurance until Obama Care

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