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Thread: Hey Cathloics!..Pope Francis accuses fundamentalist Christians of being mentally sick

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    Regarding the thread's title:
    "Pope Francis accuses fundamentalist Christians of being mentally sick"
    What if Francis is correct?
    What is the definition of "fundamentalist Christians"? And, in what way are they "mentally sick"?

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    Martin Luther came out of Babylon, but most Americans love it.

    Rgarding Luther’s reply to Prierias' Epitome of a Reply to Martin Luther;

    "Farewell, unhappy, hopeless, blasphemous Rome! The wrath of God hath come upon thee, as thou hast deserved! We have cared for Babylon, she is not healed; let us, then, leave her, that she may be the habitation of dragons, specters and witches, and true to her name of Babel, an everlasting confusion; a new pantheon of wickedness."

    Project Wittenberg
    An Open Letter to The Christian Nobility
    by Martin Luther (1483-1546)
    Proposals for Reform
    Part I

    Since the pope with his Roman EDOMITE practices -- ,[7] incorporations,[8] unions,[9] pallia,[10] rules in chancery,[11] and such like knavery -- usurps all the German foundations without authority and right, and gives and sells them to foreigners at Rome, …., so that the poor people of the German nation have to go without good and learned prelates and thus go to ruin.
    Therefore, the Christian nobility should set itself against the pope as against a common enemy and destroyer of Christendom, and should do this for the salvation of the poor souls who must go to ruin through his tyranny.

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