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Thread: Biotech Genocide, Monsanto Collaborators and the Nazi Legacy of "Science" as Justific

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    Default Biotech Genocide, Monsanto Collaborators and the Nazi Legacy of "Science" as Justific

    This was added as a post to the "gmo omg" thread, but I felt it deserved wider viewing (it will surely be controversial):

    Biotech Genocide, Monsanto Collaborators and the Nazi Legacy of "Science" as Justification for Murder

    Mike Adams

    (NaturalNews) FOREWORD: The article you are about to read has been celebrated and vilified. Because it dares to compare the rise of GMOs with the rise of the Nazi regime and the Holocaust that followed, it is considered to be not just controversial, but even "dangerous."

    This story has been intentionally and maliciously misquoted and cited out of context, so I wrote this foreword to provide additional clarity for its original suppositions.

    For starters, the comparison of the biotech industry to the rise of the Nazi regime is not irrational nor historically irrelevant. Both GMOs and Nazi philosophy are heavily promoted under the banner of "science" along with a militant insistence that "science" can never be questioned. The Nazi regime, if you recall, was founded on the idea of creating a world utopia by invoking the "scientific legitimacy" of eugenics. What's even more fascinating about this dark chapter of history is that eugenics was first developed by American scientists, from whom the Nazi scientists borrowed the concept and deployed it against the Jews.

    The Nazi goal of using "science" to create what they called "a better world" sounds a whole lot like the biotech industry's insistence that GMOs will "feed the world" and that only GMOs can "save the world" from starvation. In both cases, we witness scientists who mean well but who are unable to realize the massive humanitarian and ecological impacts of their actions. Just like today's GMO scientists, no Nazi scientists joined the party with an intention to murder six million Jews and unleash an era of genocide across our planet, yet that's exactly what they ultimately helped create.

    History should have taught us to proceed with caution any time a branch of science or politics insists that it has an exclusive monopoly on truth, to the exclusion of all else. Usually these are red flags that some sort of dictatorship is emerging: a political dictatorship in the case of Adolf Hitler, and the rapidly emerging "scientific dictatorship" being pushed by today's GMO advocates.

    The warning signs that "GMO science" is following "Nazi science" are difficult to ignore. There is already a kind of scientific dictatorship surrounding GMOs which routinely invokes mafia-style tactics to silence scientific opposition, blacklist GMO skeptics in scientific circles, and destroy the character and careers of any who oppose the biotech regime. Monsanto's suing of farmers whose fields are contaminated with GMO seeds is especially grievous, and the online activities and tactics of its supporters very closely resemble the criminal mindedness of Hitler's Brownshirts.

    Monsanto's actions in India smack of extreme social injustice and have been linked to the suicide deaths of hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers whose GMO crops failed, leaving them in a state of economic destitution. In a world of the People, by the People and for the People, the seeds of food crops should never be monopolized by powerful corporations. Seeds are a cultural heritage and must belong to everyone as a key foundation of sustainable life and farming for human civilization. Monsanto and the biotech industry stand in stark contrast to these ideas, invoking monopoly market tactics, strong-arm scientific intimidation and extreme aggression in the courts and legislative processes.

    The Grocery Manufacturers Association, for example, fell right in line with typical biotech criminal mindedness when it violated Washington state campaign laws to engage in illegal money laundering to defeat the GMO labeling law in that state.

    Biotech scientists and public relations agents smack of the kind of indignant arrogance that has always lead society toward danger. History is full of true accounts where well-meaning scientists made horrible mistakes and caused the death and suffering of countless victims. The prescription drug thalidomide caused babies to be born with horrifying deformities. Chemicals like Agent Orange and DDT spread cancer to countless millions. Antibiotics, first created with the most innocent intention of saving lives, have now given rise to an era of deadly superbugs with no known treatment or cure. These are all cases where scientists failed to foresee the long-term consequences of their actions and thereby unleashed waves of death and suffering they never intended.

    I believe the militant aggression of the biotech industry in pushing its seeds and chemicals onto the world is likely to lead us to a far more devastating and costly Holocaust than the Nazi Holocaust. The so-called "Agricultural Holocaust," I believe, will ultimately kill far more than six million people, and we are literally watching the seeds of that destruction being sown right now across the crop fields of the world.

    The point of my original article is that we should document the history of how this happened by recording the names and deeds of those who refused to listen to caution. Every scientist, journalist and "Monsanto collaborator" must be recorded for the sake of history. What to do with those names depends on what history unfolds. Theoretically, if GMOs magically end up saving the world and launching an era of unrelenting food abundance, then that list might arguably become a list of people who should share a Nobel Peace Prize. But if GMOs fail, as is already beginning to unfold, and they lead to a global ecological catastrophe involving genetic pollution that results in the starvation and deaths of millions of people, then that list should be used as a list of people to be arrested and tried for their role in crimes against humanity.

    Why is this important? For the same reason the Nuremburg trials were important: so that humanity never forgets the lessons of allowing a militant "scientific" regime to gain too much power over everybody else. It was the Nuremburg trials, in fact, that established the principle of medical experiments on humans being considered crimes against humanity. And yet what are we all right now other than Monsanto's lab rats, eating genetically modified foods which have never been subjected to long-term testing on humans. Almost by definition, the sowing of GMO crops in our world is already a violation of the Nuremburg code.

    The publication of my story was very quickly followed by the launch of a controversial website called "Monsanto Collaborators" which listed the names of journalists whom the site claimed were responsible for promoting the GMO holocaust. The list included people like Jon Entine who has financial ties to Monsanto and writes and blatantly false and defamatory "hit pieces" on GMO skeptics.

    At first, I was pleased to see the list being published, but within a day, I decided the site was more likely another false flag trap set up by biotech operators who troll internet sites spamming message boards and intimidating bloggers and journalists. My best guess right now is that will be used to try to sucker in anti-GMO activists and then it will call for some sort of extremist violent action which can be blamed on activists. That's why I've warned the public about this up front in an effort to disarm that tactic. False flags will be used by biotech operators in precisely the same way Hitler used false flag operations to justify military invasions of his strategic enemies.

    Although I believe militant GMO advocates are engaged in activities which are crimes against humanity and our planet, I have always insisted on deferring to the courts for due process and judgment. In fact, as my original story clearly stated: "For the record, in no way do I condone vigilante violence against anyone, and I believe every condemned criminal deserves a fair trial and a punishment that fits the crime. Do not misinterpret this article as any sort of call for violence, as I wholly disavow any such actions. I am a person who demands due process under the law for all those accused of crimes."

    With all that in mind, here is the original story:

    Monsanto is widely recognize as the most hated and most evil corporation on the planet. Even so, several internet-based media websites are now marching to Monsanto's orders, promoting GMOs and pursuing defamatory character assassination tactics against anyone who opposes GMOs, hoping to silence their important voices.

    These Monsanto collaborator sites tend to be "leftist" publications but also include at least one prominent business and finance publisher on the political right. All of them are Monsanto collaborators who have signed on to accelerate heinous crimes being committed against humanity under the false promise of "feeding the world" with toxic GMOs.

    Monsanto is called the IG Farben of the modern world because its actions reflect the kind of crimes against humanity that remind me of those pursued by IG Farben, the chemical conglomerate run by Nazi collaborators during the Adolf Hitler regime. IG Farben used Jewish prisoners as human guinea pigs in horrific medical experiments, and the company pioneered so-called "science-based breakthroughs" for the development of psychiatric drugs, chemical pesticides, chemotherapy agents and gas chamber death chemicals like Zyklon B.

    The entire Nazi regime, by the way, was based on invoking "science" as its justifying foundation. The killing of Jews was based in "science," as was Hitler's desire to use genocide to "cleanse the human race" by killing off those he saw as "genetically inferior." Science was the buzzword of the Nazi regime, and it was used to justify almost every crime carried out by the Nazi regime.

    Anyone who resisted the Nazi regime was condemned as "anti-science" in precisely the same way that anyone who now questions the wisdom of unleashing genetically modified seeds into the open environment is also called "anti-science." But questioning science is not "anti" science at all -- it is an inherent part of the scientific process. That's a fact that the biotech industry has conveniently forgotten. Their stance today is that no one can ever question the "science" of GMOs, period.

    Thus, GMOs aren't based in science at all. They are the domain of a radical cult where questions are not allowed and critical thinking is condemned and censored.

    Nazi collaborators

    "Nazi collaborators" were individuals and corporations that promoted the power and reach of the Nazi party, publishing pro-Nazi propaganda and attacking anyone who criticized Adolf Hitler or the Nazi regime. Collaborators included many scientists, academics, publishers and of course politicians, all of whom played key roles in furthering the genocide that saw over six million Jews heartlessly slaughtered by the Nazi regime.

    Today, a number of once-independent media sites are selling out to corporate interests and quickly becoming Monsanto collaborators. This is readily apparent by noticing which media sites attack Dr. Mercola, the Food Babe, Jeffrey Smith, the Health Ranger or anyone else fighting against the scourge of GMO genocide against humanity. These attacks all have one thing in common: they are orchestrated by paid biotech muckrakers -- people I call "Monsanto collaborators."

    Parallels to the Nazi regime are numerous. GMOs, after all, are genetically engineered to either grow poison in the plant or to resist deadly poisons sprayed on the crops. In both cases, GMOs expose the public to toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that kill people just as effectively (although not as quickly) as Zyklon B. The Nazi Regime was also steeped in the use of deadly chemicals to accomplish its goals, and just like the biotech industry, the Nazis weren't afraid to use human subjects as guinea pigs in large-scale medical experiments. (The U.S. government also continued this tradition under the National Institutes of Health, orchestrating inhumane medical experiments on prisoners in Guatemala.)

    Here's what GMO chemicals did to rats in the Seralini study, the study that the biotech industry desperately sought to have retracted and buried:

    Both Nazis and Monsanto also believe that the power to control human destiny should be concentrated in the hands of a very small number of people who dictate terms to everyone else. In a world where every agricultural crop is based on a patented seed controlled by a greed-driven corporation, humans can never truly be free. This was also the aim of the Nazi regime, which sought to command all "human resources" in a mandatory push to build Adolf Hitler's utopian society.

    That utopian society sounds a whole lot like the "feed the world" mantra spouted by Monsanto collaborators today, all of whom remain utterly blind to the mass genocide they are promoting.

    Seventy years ago, people who run these propaganda websites that obey Monsanto would have been Hitler's propaganda ministers, publishing "scientific" articles on the science of eugenics and genocide, and praising Hitler's "amazing vision" for global peace and prosperity.

    This is almost exactly the same message, after all, that Monsanto is now fronting: The world will starve to death if we don't all surrender our seeds, farmlands and food supply to this corporate empire, we're told. "Science" will save humanity by concentrating total control of food resources into the hands of the few. Meanwhile, all who oppose Monsanto are vilified as anti-science quacks while all who buy in to the Monsanto genocide are praised as being "scientific" (even though they are nothing more than paid propaganda hacks).

    German nation celebrates those who tried to assassinate Hitler

    Interestingly, just yesterday German President Joachim Gauck celebrated the lives of those brave Nazi officers who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944. (1) Their attempted Wolf's Lair bombing failed, but it was an honorable attempt to rid the world of tremendous evil by killing one of the people responsible for it.

    This official ceremony sends a message to the world, and that official message from the nation of Germany to the rest of the world is that "it is the moral right -- and even the obligation -- of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity." (UPDATE: Those are the paraphrased words of the German government, not my statement.)

    This fundamental philosophical truth is now enshrined in history by the highest office of the nation of Germany herself, the very nation where mass government propaganda spearheaded by a highly-charismatic political leader drove the population to commit genocide in the name of "peace."

    Today, Monsanto collaborators -- publishers, journalists and scientists -- have signed on to the Nazi genocide machine of our day: the biotechnology industry and its evil desire to dominate the world's food supply and blanket the planet with deadly chemicals that have been scientifically shown to cause horrific cancer tumors. They use many of the same tactics as the Nazi regime, too: intimidation, character assassination, threats and fabricated disinformation. Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda, it turns out, is alive and well today in America. Its headquarters is not in Berlin but St. Louis.

    Humanity must record and remember those who collaborated with the enemy

    Just as history needed to record the names and deeds of Nazi war criminals, so too must all those collaborators who are promoting the death and destruction caused by GMOs be named for the historical record. The true extent of their collaboration with an anti-human regime will all become readily apparent once the GMO delusion collapses and mass global starvation becomes an inescapable reality.

    I'm hoping someone will create a website listing all the publishers, scientists and journalists who are now Monsanto propaganda collaborators. I have no doubt such a website would be wildly popular and receive a huge influx of visitors, and it would help preserve the historical record of exactly which people contributed to the mass starvation and death which will inevitably be unleashed by GMO agriculture (which is already causing mass suicides in India and crop failures worldwide).

    The crime of today's biotech experiments on humanity must never be forgotten, nor must we ever forget the deplorable tactics used by the industry against anti-GMO activists and scientists. Remember: the biotech propaganda machine not only engages in mafia-style intimidation tactics and character assassination attempts, it also systematically intimidates scientists and uses heavy-handed techniques to heavily censor science journals to make sure they don't publish any science highlighting the harm caused by GMOs.

    The now-famous Seralini study, for example, was subjected to an extreme, criminal-minded censorship agenda organized by the biotech industry. This scientific censorship was so underhanded and intellectually dishonest that the retraction of the study by the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal stands as one of the most shameful events ever witnessed in the history of western science. In fact, it all but admitted that corporate-influenced western science is an absolute fraud, where corporations now control the science journals.

    Read this extraordinary account, "The price of truth," to learn the real truth about the extraordinary personal and professional cost of conducting honest science on GMOs in a world dominated by Monsanto collaborators.

    Also see these hugely important websites:

    To learn more, watch this interview between Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Judy Carman, covering the dangers of GMOs:

    Bribery, blackmail and sex traps

    As you listen to this interview, keep in mind that nearly every defamation attack leveled against Dr. Mercola is entirely due to his whistle-blowing on the issue of GMOs. Although attacks on Dr. Mercola, or Jeffrey Smith or others may appear to be based on other topics, they are all orchestrated by the biotech industry in an effort to smear individuals who can't be bought off.

    When scientists or journalists can be bought off, they accept "consulting fees" or "donations" to their non-profits, and then suddenly the publication they run starts churning out stories that attack anti-GMO activists. We're seeing an escalation of such activities as the biotech industry reaches a state of desperation, knowing they will ultimately lose the war over mandatory GMO labeling because a tipping point of GMO awareness has now been reached.

    Furthermore, the argument that GMOs should never be labeled is an empty one. In a society where foods are required to be labeled if they are "processed in a facility that also processes nuts," it's obvious that GMO labeling makes instant sense. Only the GMO industry wants to force consumers to keep accidentally purchasing their products while hiding that fact from consumers for as long as possible. It's shameful, and every food company that has funded opposition against GMO labeling state laws should be permanently boycotted.

    As the Organic Consumers Association points out, these traitorous brands -- more "Monsanto collaborators" -- include Kellogg's (Kashi, Bear Naked, Morningstar Farms); General Mills (Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm, Larabar); Dean Foods (Horizon, Silk, White Wave); Smucker's (R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic); Coca-Cola (Honest Tea, Odwalla); Safeway (“O” Organics); Kraft (Boca Burgers and Back to Nature); Con-Agra (Orville Redenbacher's Organic, Hunt's Organic, Lightlife); and PepsiCo (Naked Juice, Tostito's Organic, Tropicana Organic)

    Out of this desperation of knowing they are losing, the biotech industry bribes media outlets (or threatens them) to try to "persuade" them to switch sides to a pro-GMO bias. This is exactly what happened to an "alternative" media website that's now run by an editor who routinely attacks nutritional supplements, alternative medicine and GMO labeling advocates. (The site is losing readers by the hour, however, as readers see right through the propaganda.)

    I've also seen this happen to a prominent environmental news website that now publishes hit pieces on anti-GMO activists. As we see time and time again, these editors were either bought off or threatened with blackmail using sex sting operations (or something else equally embarrassing). And when they can't find real dirt on anti-GMO activists, they simply invent whatever they want to write and publish that.

    Cash and blackmail -- sometimes both -- are the tools used by the biotech industry to sway public opinion. Sex traps are routinely attempted against outspoken anti-GMO activists in an effort to create photographic or video evidence which can be used to blackmail them. I personally know of one person in the alternative news industry who was nearly caught in a prostitute sex trap sting, and efforts are constantly under way to undermine the credibility of independent media personalities who can't be fired, censored or otherwise silenced.

    It is no exaggeration to say that the biotech mafia is the most evil, most dangerous and most criminally-orchestrated group in America day, surpassing even the tactics of urban drug gangs and Wall Street investment bankers. But just like the Nazi regime, the biotech regime will also fall and I see a day when Monsanto collaborators are tracked down, arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity in a court of law. For the record, in no way do I condone vigilante violence against anyone, and I believe every condemned criminal deserves a fair trial and a punishment that fits the crime. Do not misinterpret this article as any sort of call for violence, as I wholly disavow any such actions. I am a person who demands due process under the law for all those accused of crimes.

    But what is the appropriate punishment for the criminal act of unleashing genetic pollution across our planet, contributing to mass crop failures, collapsing indigenous seed diversity, instigating widespread human starvation, suppressing scientific knowledge and dousing the world's farmlands with the toxic chemical glyphosate? How do you even decide on a punishment that can fit the scale and magnitude of such a collection of crimes?

    Tracking down Nazi war criminals

    That's why it is so important right now to document all the Monsanto collaborators and make sure they are held accountable for their actions. "Operation Last Chance" is a group dedicated to hunting down escaped Nazi war criminals, hoping to bring them to trial before they die. (2) The group uses tactics like posting photos of the war criminals and offering rewards for information leading to their capture.

    One day in the not-too-distant future, I predict a similar tactic will likely be used to hunt down and arrest Monsanto collaborators: the scientists, journalists, politicians, food companies and other enablers who helped this corporation commit the mass murder against humanity that I believe has already begun. Many will attempt to flee, hide from authorities, change their names or otherwise escape responsibility for their crimes against humanity, but teams of "Monsanto collaborator hunters" will likely be offered financial rewards for bringing these individuals to justice. Maybe someone will launch a Kickstarter project called "Operation roundup."

    For this reason, all Monsanto collaborators need to be documented now, with their names, photos, public statements and other details that might someday make tracking them down easier so that they can be brought to justice in a court of law (added for clarification). You can rest assured, by the way, that the biotech industry has already fully documented all anti-GMO activists. Such a project is outside the scope of Natural News, of course, but this is the perfect project for an activist group that knows how to operate anonymously (for their own protection). The project should also involve printing hard copies so that the evidence survives a catastrophic failure of the power grid and internet infrastructure.

    If anyone out there takes on such a project, please alert Natural News so that we can report on this newsworthy event. And if you do pursue such a project, for your own sake stay 100% anonymous with your web hosting and contact details or you will be putting your very life in danger. It has already been made clear to me that the biotech industry will stop at absolutely nothing to intimidate or silence its opposition.

    Celebrate those independent media outlets that stand firm for Team Humanity while facing down tremendous evil

    As all this is taking place, it's important to remember all the independent media sites that have held their ground in the face of tremendous evil. Quite a collection of independent media websites continue to broadcast the truth about GMOs, and it is the voices of these sites that will ultimately lead humanity to victory against evil and destruction.

    In fact, these independent media sites are springing up faster than the biotech industry can possibly keep up with. Team Humanity won't settle for scientific censorship and corporate junk science, it turns out. People are hungry for the truth, and publishers that tell the truth are finding tremendous financial support from the huge influx of traffic coming from people who are tired of being lied to by the mainstream media. In fact, the traffic for nearly every website mentioned below is absolutely exploding right now as the public turns off CNN and tunes into truth-telling:
    ... and many more.

    Please join me in supporting these websites and all those that report the truth about GMOs. I'm sure there are more websites which deserve to be added to this list, and I apologize if I've left any off that are deserving of a mention.

    Join the fight for humanity

    We are on the path to victory for Team Humanity. We cannot be bought off, we cannot be silenced and we refuse to be intimidated.

    I welcome every hit piece in the world that wants to bring Natural News more publicity, because we will turn those visitors onto the truth about GMOs, mercury in vaccines, the dangers of psychiatric drugs and the criminal fraud of Big Pharma (among other topics). The only way the mainstream media hurts Natural News is if they ignore us. And they won't do that because our truth-telling infuriates their corporate sponsors. Every attempt to attack Natural News so far has only resulted in a rapid expansion of our reader base and a sharp increase in our email subscription list.

    No matter what the mainstream media does, with the help of our millions of readers and fans, we will continue to expand our reach day after day, reaching all those new millions of people who are tired of being lied to and poisoned and who thirst for the kind of truth they can only find at independent media sites like Natural News.

    Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for believing in our mission to report the truth no matter who tries to threaten us into silence.

    Sources for this article include:


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