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Thread: Dairy Goats

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    Now, I will say I have zero knowledge about Pygmy goats, but I have heard that they frequently have trouble kidding. I have a plan to do some cross-breeding of dairy (LaMancha) buck with some Kiko does. The reason is Kikos have a fast weight gain, good udders, and they are extremely hardy -- no trouble kidding or mothering, and resistance to internal parasites and hoof rot. I'm trying to get as self-reliant in the livestock as I can. Not only is it more economical in the long run not to have to resort to medications and vet assistance, it might be a survival skill before too long.

    That would be an excellent cross for a survival situation Grower. In a survival situation you can not eat the registration papers!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grower View Post
    My goats have generally given 2-5 quarts of milk a day, so my production has not been as high as Lost, but then I've usually not stayed in one place long enough to develop a serious breeding program.
    Those 2 goats have moved with me wherever I go! I've finally been in this place long enough to be able to expand and work on breeding replacements. Good thing, as the best one is 8 years old. I know they can breed older, but she milks for 2 years at a time, so she's only got a couple more kiddings in her. Now if only she'd had girls!

    I so totally agree with you on milking those minis! I used to milk a friend's nigerians when she'd go somewhere. It was like milking a mouse! Ugh.

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