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Thread: another prep failure tonight

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    Default another prep failure tonight

    I realized that all my extra sewing machine needles were at the BOL. I thought no problem, I'll just go to the Walmart in the next town over and I'll write a check as my cash is low. While I was there I decided to pick up some lunchmeat too. Well when I got to the checkout lane the machine wouldn't read my check. I asked what the total would be if he took the lunch meat off and I had to pay cash.

    not related to the needles, or sewing, was they had some royal purple synthetic oil on sale, about half price. I didn't get it because it was the wrong viscosity for my truck. Now I know I couldn't have paid for it anyway. FYI.

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    My prep failures:

    1. None of the heirloom seeds soaking in paper towels on the kitchen window germinated. I'll try another sample, but I may have lost all of my tomatoes from two years ago. I didn't grow any heirlooms last summer due to time. Likely cause: improper storage. They were in a kitchen cupboard and may have gotten too warm. From here on out, they will be kept in the basement.

    2. I may have lost about 1/4 of my seed potatoes, also due to improper storage. They were in the basement but they should've been separated better. They were in a crate and the bottom row is rotten.

    I can recover pretty easily now, but it's good to make changes before things get tight.

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    My first prep failure was many years ago. Today, even a novice prepper would know better than to do what I did.

    I stored dry foods in canning jars (the good part). But then I put the canning jars on shelves in an outbuilding where it stays over 100 degrees in the summer. The food in those jars did not even last through one summer.

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    Dark and cool. Applies to everything.
    Europe used to have empires. They were run by emperors.
    Then we had kingdoms. They were run by kings.
    Now we have countries...

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