UK teachers afraid of reporting on jihad activity for fear of “Islamophobia” charges

June 10, 2015 4:56 am By Robert Spencer 40 Comments
As Britain dies as a free society, all its enlightened multiculturalists can congratulate themselves that they were never remotely “Islamophobic.”
“Safeguarding children from extremism is not Islamophobic,” says Sara Khan, but she is wrong. In reality, anyone and everyone who dares say or do anything effective against jihad terror is smeared with this label. The charge of “Islamophobia” is a tool that Islamic supremacists and Leftists use to intimidate people into thinking that opposing jihad terror is “bigotry.”
The full sentence from Sara Khan was, “Safeguarding children from extremism is not Islamophobic, but you’ve got to make sure the way you do it is appropriate.” The ugly little secret of this whole business is that as far as Islamic supremacists and Leftists are concerned, there is no “appropriate” way. Everyone crosses the line into “inappropriate” and “Islamophobic” — everyone, that is, who doesn’t turn a blind eye to the whole problem. In the U.S., Hamas-linked CAIR and other purveyors of the “Islamophobia” myth claim that while people like Pamela Geller and I (and a host of others, including essentially everyone who has ever said anything about these issues) are “Islamophobes,” there is, on the other hand, acceptable, non-“Islamophobic” criticism of jihad terror and even Islam itself. They provide no examples, however, because there are none: the claim that there are acceptable critics is just a smoke screen to cover the fact that they go after everyone who dares speak against jihad terror. And that’s why these UK teachers are terrified: they know what will happen if they take the slightest action to report jihad activity among their students. They will be reported, defamed, smeared, and probably fired as “racist” and “bigoted.”
And so the jihad advances, but hey, these teachers know Britain’s contemporary priorities. Resisting jihad terror is not among them. Avoiding the appearance of “racism” is.
“UK Teachers: We’re Scared to Tackle Extremism in Case We’re Called ‘Islamophobes,’” by Nick Hallett, Breitbart, June 9, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Teachers in Britain are scared of reporting suspected Islamist extremism among their students out of fear of being labelled ‘Islamophobic’, the head of an anti-radicalisation group has said.
From July this year, British teachers will have a legal requirement to report students they believe to be at risk of radicalisation. But Sara Khan of counter-extremist group Inspire told The Guardian that many teachers could be too scared to perform their new duty – a fact that the newspaper saved for paragraph 20 of its 26 paragraph report into the monitoring of students.
“Some teachers have told us ‘we’re scared of being accused of being Islamophobic’ … and when some Muslim and Islamist organisations are saying this is Islamophobia, or other teachers say this is spying on Muslim kids, you can see why some feel like that.
“Safeguarding children from extremism is not Islamophobic, but you’ve got to make sure the way you do it is appropriate. If people don’t understand the issue or don’t seek expert help, they will tend to make mistakes.”
Khan said that “lots and lots” of schools have told her about students attempting to join Islamic State, and that Inspire had been contacted by “hundreds” of teachers who don’t know how to deal with extremist views.
She also said that many schools were contacting the organisation because they fear a backlash from local communities and feel “unequipped” to deal with the issue….
Sara Khan said that many cannot grasp why intelligent students would be attracted to Islamism. “They don’t understand what it is that Isis are calling young people to. Many of them A-grade students,” she said.
Yes, it’s a total mystery why devout Muslims would be drawn to an entity that styles itself as the sole true embodiment of authentic Islam.