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Thread: The Next POTUS????

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    Brothers & Sisters

    Many of us are now experiencing troubling times, and also much confusion as to what tomorrow will bring. Just remember we also have a God that Loves us, our God is the same today & tomorrow He never changes, so what ever happens put your Faith & Trust in Him. Also He has promised to never leave are forsake us in our needs, for those of us who have a perfect heart toward Him, with Love and follow ship in our daily walk with Him. 2 Chr 16:9

    God Bless


    My Lord is God you see:

    The father sent His only Son for us to believe on Him you see.
    Born of the virgin mother the very seed of a King.
    For us He came into the world to see.
    Though His life on earth was short He spoke the truth for men to hear.
    But men heard him not you see.
    For men took Him and made Him suffer and awful death and hung Him on a tree.
    That was my Lord my God that suffered and died on that tree.
    He loves us so much that He took on Himself our sins so we could be free.
    So please believe on Him and your sins will be lifted and gone you will see.
    For my Lord is God you see.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and: Proverbs 3:5-6

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    Dear Brothers & Sisters

    We are living in some of the most troublesome times and it’s only going to get worst as the Last of Days is very much at hand as each day comes and goes.

    Much has happened since my last posting here on TTOL. But just as I posted about this new administration under Biden's control will not be something Great, but it will destroy everything we have accomplished in the last 4 years and much of it will go over the Cliff and never make it back up.

    Look at the world round you what do you see? Do we as Christian Believers put our Faith & Trust in our Savior Jesus Christ?

    How many of us do the things our Governments request us to do that is totally against the Word of God and most of us realize it’s not right and yet we do as they command us to do?

    No weapon that is formed against us will happen, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Why you ask because He shall give His angels charge over thee, what will they do for you? They will bear you up in their hands, so you will not dash your foot against a stone. Ouch it will not hurt you. Amen

    Also He will give you power to tread upon the enemy that torments you day & night, that's Satan & all his demonic forces, you will be able to trample these forces under your feet and victory is yours for doing something about it. Amen

    How many Christians are standing up for our God Given Rights? The very Air we breath, the Food we eat, are the water we drink?

    All these Rights are being contaminate with manmade drugs and Chemicals that they spray in the air with Chemtrail's, also the Food needs to be organic to stay away form bad Chemicals used to kill the weeds, and the Water is getting treated with chemicals that we know is harming people in some areas around the world.

    How much time is left and how much worse will it get before the Lord Jesus Christ returns? Matt.24 makes it pretty clear.

    We are now being pressured to get a COV vaccine shot that has never been tested, for a 5 to 10 year period. This is required for all vaccines, are else they are nothing but experimental shots and not a vaccine that is to prevent you from getting the illness it is intended to prevent.

    Don’t be a Government Guinea Pig for experimental use of finding out all the bad side effects from the so called Vaccine Shot, that could ruin your Healthy Immune system and make you sick are kill you later down the road of time.

    They are making it mandatory in some parts of the World that you have your Vaccination Card to prove you got your shot in the arm, just to Buy are Sell in stores are go to the Movies, Airports, Eating Out, Sports Events, and Gods knows what else they come up with just so you won’t make someone else sick. Wearing the Mask will not prevent this, do your own research on this but make sure to get it from the Right side not the Left you know what I'm saying.

    Here in America I call it “ The Biden Mark of the Beast Card” many of the people I know don’t have any idea of where this is all going from here. Also some people have misplaced or lost their vaccination card already and want to know how they can get it replaced. A good reason to ware it on your Hand or Forehead the Bible Says in Revelations.

    What I’m getting at is first of all we as Believers in Jesus Christ/Yeshua have to put our Faith and Trust in the Lord and listen to what He has planned for you. We all have a calling and a place in the Body of Christ to move forward in these Last Days before His return.

    We have to do something even if it’s getting evolved with our Schools and Local Government, put a stop to this vaccination card and making it mandatory to Buy & Sell that is totally against our God Given Rights. If you and I have a choose to do nothing you know where we are headed and it’s just another step away.

    The AC and total Socialism will eventually come but we have a voice now so lets do what we can while the opportunity exists as our God gives us all one Day at a Time. Amen

    Matt:24 How much Faith will Jesus/Yeshua find on the Earth when He returns?????
    Wake up & Look up He will come when it’s His time.

    God Bless

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    as Christians, as stated before, our homeland is not of this world. Beijing Biden has, is and will trash as much of our Constitution that's left, our nation's resources and the fabric of our country as he can. I can't help but think of the 'prophets' of Jeremiah's day who said Jerusalem would survive the Babylonians attack. Even though they witnessed parents eating their kids due to the siege and sickness was spreading, yet the false boys said, don't worry, be happy. The city fell and tens of thousands were killed or taken captive. Our nation is no longer a 'Christian' nation and a government of and by the people. Take hope that He is returning soon, live like that among the continuing series of collapses of the various functions of the nation and above all else, TRUST in God cause He's got this. prep and pray, the end has arrived.

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