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Thread: Cannabis Medicines and How to make it

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    Default Cannabis Medicines and How to make it

    as shared on another thread, last year i learned i had breast cancer. ductal carcinoma, the invasive type with signs it started spreading. stage 2. scared the crap out of me as one can imagine then i got pissed. was not going to let this thing mess with me. i determined to kill it before it killed me.

    so was told by surgeon and oncologist what they planned to do and i didnt like it much. asked about alternative treatments and they looked at me funny. oncologist ignored me and surgeon got a deer in the headlights look. suprised me as medical mj is legal her ein CO. but they did not want to deal with it so i started studying alternatives especially cannabis.

    i had about 3-4 wks before surgery so i decided what the heck and started making the cannabis paste. it is like the famous oil RSO but it uses the whole plant and you do not throw anything away. you are supposed to take 60 days to work up to the high dose then take that for another 30 days or so for cancer. but i had less than 4 wks so i started increaseing quickly. it made me groggy and i slept alot. really, i was not high or buzzed or goofy, just real groggy

    the surgeon showed me how much they were going to remove from my breat, an amount the size of her fist. my vision is shot and i remember her making a fist and holding it up to my breat showing me how much she was going to remove and more if the lymphs did not look good.

    i crammed the cannabis paste til the night before surgery taking 8gms a day.

    after surgery they told me they only had to remove a section the size of a walnut and no sings it had spread at all. the surgeon knew i was using the cannabis but never said anything except, gee isnt that nice e did not have to cut off more?

    so i have small scars and my breast is intact. i Know the cannabis shrank my tumor.
    further, i decline the radiation and drug treatments they wanted me to take. no thanks idid lots of research on chemo drugs and radiation and those hormone drugs and what they can do to the body i chose not to take them.

    i learned alot on what to make, how ot make, how to use cannabis for medicine.

    oil, paste, salves, tinctures, the hard candy, teas, etc. i will be posting the recipes and instructions. i could have sorn i posted them here last year but after seeing cassandras thread on cannabis i did a search and saw i never did.
    i dont mena to bore people but i strongly believe cannabis is Very Important and valuable medicine. you just need to learn how to make it and use it.

    if anyone has any questions please feel free to hollar at me here or Pm or email. the more you know the more you can help yourself and others.

    oh, im a 60+ yr old granny i dont get high or buzzed or stoned or none of that. i use this for cancer, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and it works.

    more to follow-------

    oh, PS
    please forgive any typos. wet macular degeneration so vision sucks. i double and tripled checked the recipe amounts and numbers and then checked again to make sure i made no error. but spelling----no guarantees.
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    Default Cannabis Tincture

    #1 cannabis tincture.
    i use this for fibromyalgia /nerve damage pain and it Works for me. it gave me my life back. i make a 50/50 blend of dried and fresh green leaf.
    if all you have is the dried, use that, do not worry about getting green leaf--just test and see what does amount works for you, id suspect you would need a bit less.

    take whatever amount of dried you have and decarboxilate it. * to decarboxilate--
    chop or grind dry material, put in a pan and bake in oven at 300 degrees for 10 min. do not over do this step. it makes your house smell strongly of mj, so do this at night if you wish, but it does dissipate pretty soon.

    when cool, crumble it up real good and put in large glass jar. then add in fresh green leaf, the smaller ones near the top if possible but any will do. chop them up good and toss in jar with the dried. dont overfill jar--no more than 3/4 full.

    cover with alcohol, you want everclear for this if possible. if not, dont worry, use vodka at least 80proof. put in enough to cover over the level of herb by one inch. put lid on, label and date your jar.

    set this somewhere out of the way, away from heat and light. like a cubboard or closet floor. you will need to shake this once or twice a day to keep things stirred up.

    i let this steep for 30 days. some folk will do this for 2 weeks, i prefer 30 days when i make any tincture, just my preference as i believe it is a better product.

    i like a 50/50 mix for me but you can do this with all dried, or even all fresh green leaf. if you use the green leaf only it is a milder tincture, you might need to take a bit more. just chop up the green leaf and fill the jar to almost the top then cover completely with alcohol and i would steep for full 30 days.

    after your steep time, strain out the liquid and put your tincture into a bottle, remember to label and date that. i tend to strain out what i need and leave the rest in the steeping jar until i need it.

    i take 2T four times a day on average. some days i need only 3 doses, sometimes a bit more. it keeps the burning stinging stabbing pain away.
    in the beginning i took 5-6 doses a day and over time i needed LESS.

    for me this works great maybe it might work for you. no you do not get high with this. i take it after i have eaten something because it is alcohol plus cannabis and i do not like taking alcohol on an empty stomach. i guess if you drank alot of it you wold but not at this dose level. i do not care for the taste so i chug it and follow with water but you can put it in anything too like tea or juice.

    when making tinctures remember to never use aluminum or plastic that is not food grade. and make sure everything is CLEAN and STERILE.
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    Cannabis Paste Recipe

    i prefer this method over the RSO--rick simpson oil because it is easier for me to make with my poor vision and it is using the whole plant material. i know there is a big debate between the 2 camps and i am NOT disparaging the oil that has saved so many lives.

    in making the oil you use alcohol to strip the plant material of some of its properties (CBDs, THCa), reduce the liquid down by heat into a thick resin and then throw away the rest of the plant material. there is still good stuff in there, still CBDs and THCa to be recovered. this has been proven by lab testing. so i prefer using the whole plant and make the paste.. this is what i used to shrink my tumor before surgery.

    Directions for Cannabis Paste

    start with dried pot--the bud and leaf, stem
    half pint canning jars and lids
    coconut oil or vegetable glycerine
    water bath pot or large soup pot with lid
    kitchen scale for ounces
    make sure your jars and lid are sterile clean

    1) grind up the dried bud best you can
    use everclear or 80proof vodka to clean your grinder of resins afterwards and save this greenish stuff for later projects. it has good stuff, dont toss the everclear 'cleaning fluid', just add it to a tincture batch.

    2) put one half ounce pot in half pint canning jar
    add in 2 ounces coconut oil OR vegetable glycerine in each jar and stir to mix well.

    3) wipe jar rim and put lid on jar sealed tightly

    4) put jars in large soup pot of hot water
    put plate or something safe and heavy on top to hold jars under water. because they have air in them they want to float.

    5) bring water up to temp 170-180 degrees.

    6) cover soup pot with lid to keep moisture in
    check temp throughout the day, keep it around 175 degrees, dont go above 180 or below 170.

    7) simmer this for 10 HOURS. this is not a typo
    let it simmer for the full 10 HOURS
    you will have to check temp and water level periodically to make sure you do not loose too much in evaporation or get too hot. i put the stove on LOW for this part and have to check regularly for temp.

    if in doing a large batch and some jars pop up and float to the top this is not critical. keep them submerged if possible but dont freak out if some float up.

    OR you can put jars in a tray in your oven at 175 degrees for 24 HOURS.

    *** the recipe calls for 2 oz of coconut oil or veg glycerine per half pint jar per half ounce dried ground pot, i found a bit more oil makes a better texture paste or it can be too dryish. so i add in 2.5 oz coconut oil.

    one half pint jar with the half ounce of pot + coconut oil will last about One Month..
    8 ounces of pot will make 16 months of medicine.

    i dont care for the taste so i put it into "00" capsules. for pets you can mix in some peanut butter and they eat it fine.

    i store the jars on a shelf. using coconut oil body temp warms it and makes it softer. when you open a jar it can seem hard and dry but just stir it up.

    dosage--best taken with food. this is the strong stuff used to kill off cancer and treat epilepsy and chronic pain, this you need to start off slow.

    start off with an amount the size of a small pea.
    yup, that small. take this after eating,
    wait one hour and see how you feel. do this for 4-5 days slowly increase this to 2 doses a day, repeat that for 4-5 days, then try 3 doses and so one, your body will tell you which dose is working fine for you because you will not be noticing it. that is your tolerance dose.

    the high end does is 3-5 grams a day. one filled 00 capsule is on average ONE gram. it takes some time to get up there without feeling groggy. it made me feel sleepy. like i had a lgass of wine on an empty stomach. so i took alot of naps but i was pushing it as i had just 3 wks before surgery.

    a dose at bedtime will make sure you sleep soundly.

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    Default Cannabis Salve #1 and #2

    Cannabis Salves

    i make this alot for pain relief for sore muscles and aches and pains, it works very well.

    you can make a salve by first making the herb oil and using that oil with beeswax and or coconut oil to make the salve or steep the herbs in coconut oil in a crock pot set on low, let is steep , strain and jar. it is that simple.

    here are the basic directions:

    first make Infused oil--
    fill glass jar half way to 3/4 full, like a half gallon canning jar , with your dry plant material. cover with oil like light olive oil or almond oil or sunflower oil--but dont use canola oil, that stuff is crap. let this steep for 2 weeks to 30 days. strain thru cheesecloth, tie up the corners and squeeze out every drop you can.

    OR use the crock pot method of putting the dry herb pls the coconut or olive oil in crockpot, put on Low for 24-48hrs to make your Infused oil.

    Basic Salve Recipe #1 -
    makes 3 of the 4oz jars
    take 1 1/2 cup infused oil
    add in 1 3/4 ounce wax
    slowly melt wax over low heat in the oil in double boiler
    stir well

    pour into jars while still hot, let cool overnight'
    seal, label and date

    you do not have to make the salve, you can just use the oil and rub it in where it hurts. it is quite helpful

    Cannabis Salve #2
    No Nonsense Salve

    this is not my recipe i found it on a mj medical forum created by an old guy with rheumatoid arthritis. says it is the only thing that relieves his pain and got him off pain meds. having tried it, i believe him. it is VERY good stuff.

    this is both a Topical salve and can be taken internally.
    start off with small dose of 1/8tsp. wait one hour to see how you feel. if there is no affect, try 1/4tsp and wait one or 2 hrs to see how you feel.

    you will not be driving anywhere, ok? you have to learn how your body takes it. some folk need a bit more, some less. respect it.

    get a crock pot,
    put in 8 ounce dry herb
    add in 5 cups coconut oi;
    keep on LOW around 150 degrees for at least 24 hours. you can go as long as 48 if you want it more concentrated. strain thru cheesecloth and bottle - label -date
    ****** NOTE
    i know this calls for 8oz. you can reduce this, just do the math.
    4oz dry + 2.5 c coconut oil
    2 oz dry plus 1.25 c oil
    just keep your ratio dry to oil balanced.
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    Green Dragon tincture

    this is a concentrated tincture, so you need less of it to work. It is pretty potent but I have added some drops into tea for a quickie pain relief.

    Here is a small batch recipe- it is adjustable for larger batches.

    One half ounce dried pot
    grind or break into real small pieces

    decarb your cannabis ,
    bake at 300 degree for 10 min
    let cool then put into wide mouth quart canning jar
    add 8 oz of Everclear or 80 proof vodka or 151 rum

    put this jar in a pot of hot water and heat up using a hot plate.
    NO OPEN FLAMES. Do NOT do this over open flame stoves.
    Use ONLY hot plate to be safe.
    Simmer for 20 minutes and turn stove fan on

    keep temp around 150-165 degrees.
    Strain when cool, bottle and label
    One half dropper is relaxing
    one whole dropper is more relaxing
    2 droppers –just go to bed and sleep it off.
    You can put this under the tongue or in tea or juice

    the most I have ever tried is 15 drops in water to helped stop fibro pains and was also mildly relaxing.

    **You can take the strained material and put it with other cannabis you are already tincturing, just add in to your jar and it will help boost that tincture.
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    Default Cannabis Honey and Teas

    Cannabis Honey-

    Also called 'black honey' this stuff is quite nice. A friend take a teaspoon in the evenings to wind her down at the end of the day she does not drink alcohol but she takes a spoonful of this. Who does not like honey?

    i find it mildly relaxing, like a cup of chamomile tea sort of effect but that is just a spoonful.

    take 2 cups of dried pot, buds, leaf, trim and wrap it in a cheesecloth bundle and tie with cotton string in several places. Make it snug as over a couple hours it will get sort of loose. Put this bundle in crackpot and pour 5# of honey over it.
    Set crockpot on Low and put lid on crockpot.
    Steep for 5 hours and stir a couple times every hour flipping the bundle.

    Make sure you do not boil, that is too hot.
    After a 5th hour, turn crock pot off and let set overnight.

    The next morning you will warm it up gently ,strain and then squeeze out this bundle and get all the honey out of it you can. This is real messy so wear gloves. Bottle and label your honey, half pint jrs are just fine for this.

    Now, save this used sticky, messy bundle because you are going to make some tea that is very relaxing..

    Cannabis Tea-
    Get your stock pot out and put this bundle in it with 8 cups of water. Add in 2 cinnamon sticks, 4 of your favorite tea bags not caffeine though. Also add 1T chopped ginger and /or whole cloves.

    Bring this to a boil, then reduce heat to Low and simmer for 2 hours. When done, remove from heat and strain. Then add in 1T of Vanilla. Bottle this, label and store in fridge.

    Take in small amounts---try couple teaspoons in a cup of tea or drink straight. It tastes very good but too much will either melt you into your couch or put you to sleep. So start with small amounts. Wait One Hour before taking any more. It can take that long to feel its affects so dont rush it.

    this has some moderate pain relief, is very relaxing and helps one sleep better.

    i made the mistake of taking about 1/4 cup of this and melted into a puddle on the couch for about 2 hrs. i did not know it was that start off small amounts. i think it works best adding one or 2 tsp into a cup of hot tea. you just have to try and see what amount works best for you.

    gonna take a break. i will add a couple more easy ones tomorrow. any questions just hollar.
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    Thanks, Jazzy...

    One question... are you really taking two TABLESPOONS of the basic tincture? That's a significant amount of alcohol, if it's not a typo.

    I'm from a state where this stuff isn't precisely legal yet (NY does have a medical marijuana program, but I'm VERY leery about getting involved with *any* "official" record, especially until the Feds get on board), so I haven't been able to experiment with it. But my understanding is that the psychoactive effects (the "buzz") is caused by the THC, and that doesn't work unless you decarboxylate it first. (this is the "heat in 300 oven" step).

    You can make a plain "cold tincture" of raw (not decarboxylated) cannabis, and even the most potent bud in the world won't get you "high". However, that cold tincture will give you all the other medicinal effects from the CBDs, etc.

    In post #6, I don't see a decarboxylating step in making the cannabis honey. Do you do that, or is this a "raw" preparation?


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    Growing Cannabis

    im no expert. i bet there are folk here who know more than me, so im just gonna tell what i do.growing pot is not hard.

    it is legal in my state for me to grow 6 plants per adult in house. only 3 can be flowering at the same time. go figure. with a medical card ( i got one) you can grow a couple more and get a discount at a dispensary (small discount) and you are ok to transport up to a certain amount.

    around here the dispensary pot is starting at $150 an ounce and goes up to $300-$400. that is crazy. then there are the 'medibles' the candy, syrups, capsules, brownies, cookies, etc,etc, etc. waaaaay over priced but the taxes are about 50% of the cost. im not 100% sure it is 50% but ive been told that. the stuff is expensive. i could not afford to buy at a dispensary to save my life. so i am grateful i can legally grow a few plants. if it is legal in your state to grow i encourage people to grow a couple plants and even if you dont use it, sock it away for future use.

    the dispensaries do not like to sell seeds tho you can buy clones of plants to take home and plant, they run around $20-30 for one seedling. i think THAT is expensive too.
    while i did got thru the steps to get a medical card, it is not necessary here so i wont be renewing when it expires. i have a couple LED grow lights i use on the seedlings til they are ready to plant in the greenhouse. and i use water walls on the plants til im sure they are stabilized and happy there.

    i found that growing 3-4 plants is enough for me for a years worth of stuff i make, tincture, salve and paste.. depending on the type of plant you can get close to one pound of dried per plant. i have a hoop greenhouse and grow the plants next to the tomatoes and green peppers. they can get real big depending on type and take over your green house.

    again i am no expert. for me, i prefer indica or a hybrid. sativa is more energizing and indica is more relaxing. i do not have much experience with pot. in college i tried it and did not care for it. yes, i inhaled. just did not care for it.

    ive started plants from seed and also tried some clones.
    this year i bought seeds from and got some high CBD medical strains. plus they throw in 10 free seeds with each order so im set for awhile. they have a great selection of really good strains you can select from. took about a month to get here tho from europe.

    i prefer buying feminized seeds as you do not need the male plant. most of the time i have no problem with the seeds but occasionally you get some duds that dont grow or a feminized seed that aint feminine or straight run seeds and none are female. like other seeds there is no 100% guarantee things will be perfect. but for the most part it is not hard to grow, just check the grow time for the plant you want to have. short season, long or whatever. really, it iwas no different from growing tomatoes. but they sure do smell alot as they get older, lol. expect some skunky smell to be seeping out of the greenhouse.

    ive mostly grown un named seeds but this year have tried chemomile, B52 and snow white. really, i dont know much one from the other, ive been just seeking out the high CBD and low to medium THC ratio.

    you can use the whole plant. when ready to harvest you cut the stems, trim away the big and medium leaves so air can circulate around the large flower bud and hang them to dry. i live in a very dry climate so i dont worry about fans or things to help dry. i hang them on some string i put up in the garage and leave them there for awhile when they are dry and crispy i will store them in a large rubber maid tub til i need to make stuff. i know there are purists who get into all sorts of steps for a perfect product. kinda likecoffee bean aficionados who get all fancy for the perfect product but im old, tired and lazy. i dry the stuff like i dry my other herbs from my herb garden. it works for me.

    you can use the leaves you trim off, the stems, even the root ball makes a great pain balm. i use the green leaves and toss them into the bucket of tincture.

    the paste recipe uses the whole plant material also. i try not to waste anything cause there is going to be CBDs in the leaves and stems and i want every one of them i can get, lol.

    ok thats the run down. if you can grow tomatoes you can grow a pot plant. good weather or greenhouse is real helpful. select the plant type that is good for your growing season and the CBD/THC ratio you want. i suggest trying both feminized and regular seeds.
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    here is an odd aside about using cannabis.
    last year months before i found out i had breast cancer i had been having bad dizzy spells, nausea, chronic sinus and lung congestion and had been going from doctor ot doctor and tests of every kind to try to find out what it was. from jan to july i dealt with this nasty thing.

    in juy i was diagnosedwith the cancer and started taking the cannabis paste and increased to get to the high cancer killing dose. at the high dose the dizzy spells disappeared and i felt normal like they had never happened. this surprised me and i assumed whatever imbalance i had had was gone

    but after surgery and i started my low maintenance dose of cannabis paste the dizzy spells came right back

    after alot of research and trial and error i found out it was a candida overgrowth that was makig me sick and started a round of caprylic acid, oilve leaf and oregano oil.

    anyway i have been curious as to why the dizzy spells and other nasty candida symptoms were gone when taking the high dose of cannabis paste. come to find out that both the cannabis and coconut oil are strong anti-fungals.

    which led me to further research on the relationship between candida fungal infections and cancer, WOW. candida is a definite trigger for cancer cells to start growing. e all have cancer cells in our bodies, but there can be different triggers in different people. and some never get it. candida is also in everyones bodies, some never have a problem and it stays in balance and for some it grows like crazy causing all sorts of health problems that can mimic other diseases. it is a Nasty bugger and i am still fighting it but am getting the better of it. i just thought the relationship interesting.

    ive thoght of going back up to the 8gms of cannabis paste a day to see if it once again rids me of the dizzy spells but that is alot of cannabis. i slept alot, it is not a dose i think i can get used to and still function.
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