You don't even have to look at it spiritually after watching the debates. How about just plain common sense? The feces of San Francisco streets and the murders of Chicago scream out, "TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FIRST". Then you are in a better position to help others. Kinda like on an airplane....put the oxygen mask on yourself first before placing it on a child. Just plain common sense. The democrats are just babbling now.

Free healthcare for breaking the law??? Even with great dental insurance, we have to pay $2500 for my husband's tooth to be replaced. Healthcare is too hard for all of us these days. And yes, I think God finds it insulting to hand it over to lawbreakers on the backs of hard working law abiding Americans. Has nothing to do with charity. This influx of illegals has just become bizarre. Did you see where hundreds of Africans are coming in with designer clothes and luggage?

God is not a Republican, but is for common sense in these matters.