The shocking reason why liberal Americans are WEAK, but Islamic soldiers are STRONG


by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Ready to have your worldview blown away with a shocking realization? Consider the following. You know how bombarding bacterial populations with antibiotics actually makes them stronger? Turns them into superbugs that can survive almost anything? Now consider this stunning realization: As western civilization becomes weak and pathetic with P.C. "safe spaces" and fragile, useless college crybullies and excuse makers, all the military attacks on Muslim populations in the Middle East are killing off their weak people and turning their survivors into SUPER soldiers.

Today, your typical weak-minded American weenie couldn't survive 30 days in Syria. While western civilization becomes more weak, incompetent and pathetically politically correct, radical Islamic operators are growing up as hard core survivalists, and in the process they are quite literally demonstrating the power of natural selection to shift the gene pool toward stronger, more resilient individuals who can survive anything... just like the superbugs being created by antibiotics.

As a result of all this, western civilization has great technology and monetary wealth, but the objective human quality of western people is collapsing by the year. Today, most of Western Europe isn't even capable of admitting to the existence of the problem of radical Islamic terrorism, much less actually doing anything to stop it. Because of that insanely weak and pathetic stance of self-destruction, Western Europeans have all but surrendered their continent to being occupied and overrun by worshippers of Islam.

While the majority of Americans are fat, lazy, self-deluded and living on entitlements, your average Syrian is lean, adaptable and capable of overcoming extreme obstacles that would kill a typical American. While Americans are obese, diabetic and dropping dead from processed food and glyphosate herbicide, the typical Muslim in the Middle East is eating unprocessed, nutrient-rich food staples (like chickpeas, lentils and anti-cancer spices) while adhering to a calorie-restricted diet that drastically reduces the risks of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

While Americans are worshipping and excusing mass weakness among an entire generation of children -- known as "generation snowflake" -- entire regions of Muslims are growing up under harsh, murderous conditions that kill off the weak and give rise to strong, determined individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their stated aims. It isn't kind. It isn't pretty. But it produces a vastly superior gene pool of capable human survivors.

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