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Thread: Why We Are Opposed To CCM (Contemporary Christian Music)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherree
    The last organized church we attended, the pastor called on his (black African) ancestral spirits to come in and worship with the congregation in music and dance!
    I feel the need to clarify that statement. I don't want anyone thinking I'm being racist.

    This was a black church we attended over several months. Were members, in fact. There were times that the pastor said things that raised red flags for us over calling on their ancestral spirits. We overlooked them. Then, one Sunday morning, during the worship service, he began shaking all over, in a trance-like state. He then called with a loud voice for all their ancestral spirits to come join in. About that same time, people all over the congregation started violently jerking, shaking, dancing, even down in the floor rolling around, in such a way that it was like watching a voodoo or witch doctor dance show! People were passing out from all the violent moving and shaking. Cary and I both felt the need to run and not look back. Out the door we went!

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    Because AC/DC's Highway to Hell is more theologically accurate than 99 percent of contemporary, so called, Christian music.

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