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Thread: Hey Summertyme or Samuel Adams

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmyvet
    Summerthyme's Fly Recipe

    this stuff works and smells great! Our Guernsey cow and her bull calf were covered with flies and we had our first run in with a huge batch of horseflies, so we sprayed them (and the goats) and watched the flies fall off or go away! The goats run when they see the bottle but they were getting open sores from all the bites. We shared some with our friends who have mules and it worked wonders on them too! Thanks Summerthyme!

    1 pint water
    1 pint citronella lamp oil (or plain lamp oil, or vegetable oil)
    1 tsp citronella essential oil (or 2 tsp if using plain oil as a base)
    1 tsp pennyroyal essential oil
    tsp cassia (cinnamon) essential oil
    tsp lavender essential oil
    1/2 tsp eucalyptus essential oil

    A squirt (probably tsp) Dawn dishwashing detergent.

    This stuff works! Mix it up in a plastic bottle, and use in a
    hand sprayer as needed. Shake occasionally during use to
    Thanks! I have all the ingredients, except the pennyroyal and lavender. Another trip to my local health food store should remedy that! Been needing more lavender essential oil anyway!

    Also, on the BT, would that work on tomato hornworms, too?

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    Yes, Bt will work on any variety of caterpillar. Hornworms included.

    The crabgrass is a booger to get rid of. Smothering it with heavy cardboard, old carpet scraps, or a full season of black plastic mulch is about the only organic solution. I've resorted to using Roundup a few times... when it was just starting to invade my raised beds, I used the roundup in the walkways between them, and hand dug and pulled the rhizomes and plants that had found their way into the beds. That did give me season long control, without actually spraying the soil in the beds themselves...

    Summerthyme (and that recipe for the fly spray really does work... hubby is terribly allergic/sensitive to any sort of fly spray, due to over exposure to organophosphates when he was younger. We used my recipe on the dairy cows for years, and while it needs to be applied daily, it's safe for any species. I've mixed it with petroleum jelly and applied it to dog's ears when they were getting badly fly bitten, too. And it smells heavenly!)

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    we have tried most everything to get rid of the crabgrass, it even comes up through heavy landscape fabric but have found using thick layers of newspaper over cardboard then the fabric helps make what grass does live easy to pull up. We found we only needed to spray our Gurnsey every few days or after a rain. I swear she smiled the first time we used the spray on her, she looked black from all the flies then poof, they were gone!

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