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Thread: Is "Drain The Swamp" On The Way Out Now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nothingburger View Post
    I don't put much weight into what some elected officials doing their best to be Trump's waterboy have to say on the matter.

    Trump's own words are what truly matters.
    Damn, it must be nice to be perfect when speaking. You have never meant one thing and said something similar but not quite right? And will you make up your mind that you do/don't put weight in some elected officials words, but I am guessing that you do in others? So Trump is now an elected official in weighting and you are judging him by his words, but when another elected official takes it to mean something you do don't agree with, suddenly words matter.

    You are quite the living embodiment of logic and common sense /sarc. Worried you might thing I meant that literally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlm1966 View Post
    Well apparently some elected officials think he was speaking of Amendments from your article.
    If that is true, he is especially concerned about the first, second, and twelfth amendments, which cover establishment of religion (often erroneously called "separation of church and state,"), the right to keep and bear arms, and (oddly?) presidential election procedures regarding how electors may vote. Were it truly articles, it would concern the legislative and executive branch, and one has to wonder what he would he particularly feel a need to protect there.

    So it would make more sense that he's talking amendments, unless he was just talking out of his head as he often does, knowing there are plenty of people chomping at the bit to win brownie points (and maybe a role in his administration) when they CHA* as needed. And I have to wonder what he wants to protect in the 1st amendment -- the status quo or freedom of religion ala Pence in Indiana? I could go for the latter, but considering Trump's vocal support of the homosexual community, I don't see it.

    *Compare with "CYA."

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