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Thread: What Is The Perfect Hog-Hunting Rig?--By Luke Clayton

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    If I could jump back in. I think what the author was trying to convey was that harvesting the wild pigs was his forte. He describes in detail how he goes about this process.

    I realize when anyone brings up a topic of this nature, it will elicit a variety of responses from both sides of the aisle of city folks and country folks.

    I have also found that anytime shooting irons are mentioned, then the conversation can get real interesting real quick, since there are so many choices and favorites to choose from.

    The author was trying to describe the weapon of choice for his particular situation in the brushy area of Northeast Texas. His setup allowed him to be in close proximity to the pigs in a safe manner (for him). He even stated he had used a bow and arrow to harvest the game.

    To say that wild pigs are in abundance in the area would be an understatement, hence the year round open season.

    I have counted as many as (17) in one group traveling across my place. They use one of my ponds in the summer for a wallow. They plow up my east pasture.

    Mostly they are trapped in my area as opposed to hunted. There is a processing plant in Ft. Worth where the wild pigs are sold. Wild boar is showing up on the menu of top of the line restaurants in the metro area.

    While some use the hog hunting as a sporting nature, I don't know of anyone that would just shoot them for the sport of it and leave them for the coyotes, and I would not condone that.

    I do believe they are one of the more abundant species that will be in much demand, if/when the grocery stores somehow run out of stock.

    Peace, bros.
    Psalms 13:6
    "I will sing unto the Lord,
    because he hath dealt bountifully with me".

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    I hear yuh on the dangers of all that gun talk, Psalms.

    I'm afraid of guns, m'self.

    Here in backwaters, Illinois, we country boys tend to hunt hog with a ball bat, and that best accomplished by baitin' the hog with a plate of flapjacks, and wait for 'im above the trail, on a low hanging tree branch.
    I mean, it's Illinois. What else are we gunna do for excitement, in Illinois ?

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