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Thread: Impeachment

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonym View Post
    a view from britain --

    donald trump ‘highly likely’ to face impeachment within first 18 months as us president, expert warns

    proceedings would indicate cataclysmic rupture within republican party, unprecedented in history of american politics

    professor angelia wilson, from the university of manchester,
    believes the trail of scandals in the president-elect’s wake has become
    an “embarrassment” to the republican party, leaving him vulnerable to
    impeachment by members of the party seeking reelection to the house.
    “i think it is highly likely that he will be impeached in the first 12 to 18 months,” she told the independent.

    "whether it will be about the russia dossier or other scandals that
    are undoubtedly there, he has become a liability for the republican
    party. At some point they will need to distance themselves from him in
    order to solidify reelection for the house."


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    Spy Clouds Hang Over Trump’s Inauguration

    Trump is about to enter the White House with multiple
    fronts in an ongoing skirmish with American intelligence—
    what happens next?
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