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Thread: Can Anyone Explain What This Momma Cardinal Is Doing?

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    Default Can Anyone Explain What This Momma Cardinal Is Doing?

    So the video below was uploaded four days ago. It shows a female cardinal being pretty bold in hanging out by, and intermittently trying to get into, our living room window. The video depicts the second time I'd seen this behavior, though the first time she was much less persistent, and since then, she has gotten way more persistent to the point that I'm afraid she's going to really hurt herself.

    She does have a mate hanging around, and I'm guessing this has something to do with their nest being close by, but these two have been hangin' around for at least a year and this behavior just started somewhere in the last week to 10 days (there was a gap between the first time and this time that I recorded a little bit of, but I don't know exactly how long it was), and since the recording, it's been happening pretty much from sun-up to sun-down. If I close the curtains, she will move from the living room window to the identical kitchen window about ~15' or a little more to the right on the same wall, and there's a patio couch, coffee table and chair right in front of that that she launches from smacking her beak hard against the glass over and over again. We don't have any curtains on that window, so I'm at a loss to know how to even slow her down without just sitting out there all the time, which does keep her away, but which I can't do for more than a few minutes at a time because I got other stuff to do. Anyway, any advice/info/WAGs about what's going on here would be appreciated, and how to put a stop to it without hurting or having to relocate her would put me in your debt forever! Thanks, here ya go:

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    North side of the house?

    She sees her reflection as a territorial intruder. Blinds / curtains balance the light betwixt the sides of the glass negating her reflection.

    As to why now? Time to nest? Dunno.

    Gotta get something reflective on the inside of those windows or set some sort of hanging decorative something or other on the outside to take her focus off of the glass / her relection.


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    OW's right.... she's driving off that "other" female who is hanging around tempting her mate! Unsuccessfully, of course! If you have to, even spraying something like fake snow/shaving cream on the window outside for a bit to keep her from seeing her reflection will work.


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    Yep, i'm gonna go with her seeing her reflection.

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    I think they're right. Some years ago, I had a male cardinal doing the same thing, and I finally realized he could see the red digital numbers on my alarm clock and thought it was another male cardinal. He was trying to attack it. I turned my clock around so it was not visible from the window, and he stopped hitting the window!

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    Funny birds. We had a male Cardinal doing that a few years ago. He stayed all Summer and we finally named him Fernando. Great entertainment and he never seemed to hurt himself.
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