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Thread: Andrew Gillum hotel room photos released

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    Default Andrew Gillum hotel room photos released

    Photos have now been released. The really sad thing was that the media didnít cover the story when it broke. Can you imagine if a GOP was found with a male escort and drugs in a hotel room and a guy was naked??? But Fox also pissed me off. NOW, the article mentions a male escort, but when the story broke they completely stayed away from that fact. Fox is not run by conservative Christians, actually the opposite. But, they can make a good buck presenting the other side. There is a spirit of fear over our nation AND OUR EVANGELICAL CHURCHES about never speaking against the gay agenda. Itís downright spooky.

    Let me know if other media outlets are now reporting the story. Remember, they thought Gillum was going to be the next Obama?

    The Lord probably allows increasing pain as we age to help us loosen our hold on this life.

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    I do not want to see pictures of a gay drug addled naked negro man. I can drive down lower wacker and see that all day long.
    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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    It's all by design...........granting the churches with a 5013C tax status came with many the strings are being manipulated, along with remarks such as tacist, homophobic, islamophobic , right ring, antiabortion,...............all by design, he amerkian people are emasculated, and fearful of stating their opinion for fear of being singled out and labeled with one of these monikers.........50 years ago the mass media was somewhat they are part of the movement to control and take down our country..............there is no truthful reporting by these communist and everything good is slanted and everything bad is rewarded....the bible warned us these days would come to past..................what I think suprises us the most is how swiftly the last several years have gone down the toilet........again it is by design....the 24 hour indoctination program now is 24 hours per day and everywhere......whether it is the schools, universities, college and social clubs and sports you can not get away from it then you come home and it is on the television computer, smart phones notebooks everywhere.....................none of these things should surprise is going by the book..............."currahee"

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    I read about it and saw the pictures yesterday Yes it is being covered all ver the net now. I saw it not only on MSN news, but on Yahoo news as well. Could see much just a bottle of pills smiled on the floor mess on the bed, no people of the person at all. So need to be afraid of seeing a naked anyone. LOL

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