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Thread: Ponds

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    I need to update this with another interesting tidbit...

    My youngest son has a pond on his small farm. It's always been nice and clear... until this summer. Apparently a visiting Great Blue Heron brought in algae, somehow (seeds? I don't think so... how DOES algae reproduce, anyway?! LOL!)

    By the middle of September, it was covered with a few inches of thick, green scum. NOT pretty... or healthy for the aquatic life. I told DS about the barley straw idea, but he couldn't find any available where he was. So, for the heck of it, he tossed in a bale of regular, first cutting hay...

    Within 3 days, you could see swirls in the algae as it started to thin.

    2 weeks later, the pond is clear! Don't ask me!

    Summerthyme (don't tell those sellers of those expensive barley straw "mats" they sell as "organic algae control"!!)

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    Thanks for this SummerThyme.

    I haven't set up camp there yet ... 'bout two weeks I'm thinkin.


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