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Thread: 21 New Gun Control Measures Now Being Advanced By Democrats In DC

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    Default 21 New Gun Control Measures Now Being Advanced By Democrats In DC

    21 New Gun Control Measures Now Being Advanced By Democrats In DC

    Tim BrownNovember 25, 2017

    It really is so predictable how the criminally minded operate when it comes to being servants of the people and a mass shooting takes place.
    The gun grabbing Democrats and the establishment RINOS are all too willing to violate the Second Amendment and your God-given rights to make it appear that they are doing something to stop such crimes when the reality is that they are doing nothing to stop them.
    Following the Las Vegas shooting, we heard the un-American notions of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) call for bans on bump stocks, which she acknowledged the very next day would have done nothing to stop the Vegas shooting and furthermore, would not stop anyone from bump firing a semi-automatic rifle.
    However, since that time, Democrats have put forth a blitz attack on the Second Amendment and the rights of the people with 21 new measures to rob you of your rights.
    On October 11, just a week and a half after the Vegas shooting, Democrats in DC put forward these 9 bills.

    1. Ban on Bump Stocks – Sen. Dianne Feinstein is pushing this with her Automatic Fire Prevention Act. She admits that bump stocks are an accessory—that they do not convert semiautomatics into automatics—but she wants to ban them anyway. Her bill explicitly bans any accessory that allows an increase in rate of fire in short bursts but does “not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machine gun.”
    2. Ban on Trigger Cranks – Sen. Feinstein’s bill bans trigger cranks too. Like the bump stock, trigger cranks are another novelty that gun owners can use to achieve short, rapid bursts of fire. Such cranks allow a gun owner to mimic automatic fire yet do not convert a semiautomatic gun into an automatic one.
    3. Ban on Semiautomatic firearms – Sen. Feinstein voiced support for this ban during her appearance on Face the Nation, and the Washington Post pushed for such a ban two days later.
    4. Implementation of Universal Background Checks – Sen. Chris Murphy used his appearance on State of the Union to stress that a bump stock ban is only the beginning for Democrats. They plan to follow that ban with the implementation of universal background checks, which means private gun sales would require a background check just like retail sales. Democrats claim these checks would save lives, yet Sen. Murphy and others ignore the fact that the Vegas attacker purchased his guns via background checks, as did so many attackers before him. The real reason Democrats want universal background checks is because such checks require a gun registry to be enforceable. Therefore, the implementation of such checks would immediately lead to one more gun control: a gun registry.
    5. Ban on “Assault Weapons” – Sen. Murphy also mentioned an “assault weapons” ban, suggesting it would be next in line after background checks. The Los Angeles Times called for an “assault weapons” ban as well.
    6. Ban on “High Capacity” Magazines – The Los Angeles Times also called for a ban on “high capacity” magazines, describing them as one of the most dangerous aspects of “assault weapons.” The Times points to attacks like ones on Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and the San Bernardino County Building as justifications for an “assault weapons” ban that contains a “high capacity” magazine ban. In so doing, the Times overlooks the fact that all three attacks—Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and San Bernardino—occurred in gun-free zones. This means the attackers had no threat of armed response and could take their time, reloading as often as needed. In such scenarios magazine capacity is a moot issue.
    7. Opposition to Concealed Carry – Breitbart News reported that Sen. Feinstein took time to argue against concealed carry for law-abiding citizens during her Face the Nation appearance. Speaking of concealed carry she said, “I don’t believe it’s protected by the Constitution.”
    8. Opposition to National Reciprocity – Sen. Feinstein also voiced opposition to the national reciprocity legislation currently pending before Congress. She said, “Well, my opinion of that bill is it’s terrible. … [Do] we want every American to feel comfortable packing a concealed weapon around the country?”
    9. Australian-style Gun Ban – On Tuesday the Washington Post suggested it is time for such a ban.

    Again, not one of these would stop a mass shooting, but don't take my word for it. Take Senator Feinstein's.

    Awr Hawkins has updated the list of attacks on the Second Amendment to include 12 more bills from DC Democrats. He writes:
    Numerous others have flooded in since the introduction of those original nine. The newest suggested controls include regulation on single shot muzzleloaders. In fact, Gabby Giffords gun control group suggests muzzleloaders could be the next bump stock. Her group also wants gun control on “high capacity shotguns,” binary triggers, “AK and AR style pistols,” arm braces for AR style pistols, “AR pistol blade stabilizers,” .50 caliber rifles, .50 caliber ammunition, and tracer rounds for various calibers of firearms.
    Giffords’ group seeks to substantiate their call for a ban on tracer rounds by writing, “Tracer rounds allow a shooter to see where rounds are tracking at night.”
    Two other gun controls are being pushed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). The first of the two is a federal ban on firearms trafficking. She is pushing this ban although such trafficking is already clearly prohibited via ATF background check form 4473. LIBN reports that Gillibrand is also again pushing the Hadiya Pendleton and Nyasia Pryear-Yard Gun Trafficking & Crime Prevention Act, which “would make it illegal to sell purchase, or transfer two or more firearms to someone whom the seller knows, or has reasonable cause to know, is a felon or convicted domestic abuser.”
    Lastly, the 21st gun control currently being pushed is regulation on so-called “ghost guns.” These are guns that are legal to manufacture at home, but require a significant amount of know-how and equipment to accomplish. The establishment media is currently pointed to two crimes committed with “ghost guns” as justification for a new federal law to regulate the sale, manufacture of the firearms.
    I believe that advancing these kinds of bills are criminal activity against the people, but I'm even more concerned about establishment Republicans are are so ready to sell us out on this issue like they have on other issues.
    In the end, every single federal gun law is unconstitutional, and they know it, but they don't care!
    ”The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” - Margaret Thatcher

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    Go back, learn your basic English and the MEANING OF WORDS, and shut the hell up, Feinstein and gang!


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    This is just like the Rinos voting to repeal Obamacare a few dozen times before Trump got in. They could make all of the noise they wanted to and not suffer from the results since they could not get it past Obama's veto.

    As a side note Pelosie just needs to go ahead and die, of natural causes already. Her dementia is advancing quickly.
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    Democrap Socialist is going to Democrap Socialist...
    “Blessed are those who, in the face of death, think only about the front sight.” Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem

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    I did not realize "The Los Angeles Times" was an elected legislator.
    A warrior lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting.

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    Black Friday posts new single day record for gun checks at more than 200,000

    In all, the FBI fielded 203,086 requests on Black Friday, up from the previous single-day highs of 185,713 last year and 185,345 in 2015

    U.S. News
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
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    When the election results flip in 2018, then in 2020, get ready. Our Second Amendment rights won't even be a speed bump for the bastards. You'll either surrender your property without compensation, or you'll be compost. Don't look for law enforcement to help you. They get their big pensions and cushy pay enforcing what ever the law says. You don't count.
    And, it's gone!

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    Why gun control is needed.

    Gun Rights FTW! When A Patriot Sensed This Demon Was About To Rape Him, He Stood His Ground And Killed It With A Shotgun
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    Sounds like another 21 fails.

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    Let's have a 21 gun sulute to the second amendment.

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