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    My urologist once advised me that if the doctor had a hand on each shoulder, you probably werenít getting a prostate exam. Finding no physiological flaw in the argument, Iíve made a point to incorporate the idea wherever it would fit. As it happens, it fits quite snugly in the orifice of politics. Like patients, it is incumbent on constituents to remain vigilant as to which appendage their elected leaders are actually putting to work on them. This sometimes takes longer than pride and comfort would suggest.

    Consider the relationship between Republicans and the previously credulous white conservatives who have been the only customers in their office. Thatís just as well, as the sounds from the examination room probably wouldnít have been encouraging to others. The unmistakable party message wafting through the lobby being: Just because youíre our only source of power, wealth, and prestige doesnít mean we wonítÖummmÖgive you another prostate exam. Itís almost as if those red-state rubes expect a symbiotic relationship with their representatives, for Godís sake.

    But after only decades of being indelicately plowed, the mainstream right finally came to the realization that their republican health care providers were achieving relief only for themselves. Thatís why the search was on for a second opinion. And Donald Trump had the salve. Hereís an example:

    We will immediately terminate President Obamaís two illegal executive amnesties, in which he defied federal law and the constitution to give amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal immigrants.

    Well immediately ainít what it used to be, and campaign promises are more useful for lifting large balloons than predicting actions in office. But this is one balloon that will turn to lead over the White House if Trumpís fruit-fly attention span doesnít focus promptly.

    Though as a prologue to that, I often bristle at conservative acquaintances who, when warned of the next completely predictable leftist assault, presume to inform me ďthe American people will never tolerate that.Ē To which I always ask: ďwhat American people?Ē These American people? Precisely who wonít tolerate it?

    Iím not even anti-democracy, but democracy isnít about crafting rational and just policies, or using logic to bring others to your position. Itís also not about values or the Constitution.

    Itís about logistics.

    Itís about putting bodies in booths. You can meticulously pore over each candidateís resume and qualifications; evaluate their reasoning and integrity; maybe even calculate the costs of their proposals. And when you are finished and armed with an immaculate decision reflecting the countryís best broad interests, you can march to the precinct on election day where your vote will promptly be negated by a ďminorityĒ who decided in one nano-second that he simply hates whites and wants gibs. Thank you, drive through.

    So with that in mind, Iíd like to point out Trumpís 2016 margin of victory in a few key states.

    Michigan: 13,080
    Wisconsin: 27,257
    Pennsylvania: 68,236
    Florida: 114,455

    Thatís a grand aggregate margin of 223,028. Between then and November 2020, approximately 4.4 million legal migrants will alight in America. In addition, some estimate 100,000 have already decamped from Puerto Rico to Florida this year alone. Of that number, I would say Trump can count on the wavering support of three.

    Does he understand this math? Do even the most terminally cucked Republicans?

    All of which is prelude to discussing the DACA deadline that the approaching year-end portends. The democrats are, naturally, foaming for a ďcleanĒ bill. This being legislative jargon for utter capitulation without delay. Thatís the type of offer toward which republicans typically lunge, though if Trump joins them it will be his deserved political end. The numbers are already foreboding, and a demoralized base wouldnít come close to making them up. This doesnít even consider the possibility of Trump being impeached by democrats following a mid-term debacle. Numbers are far more important to Trump than the barbs of semi-literate black bouncy-ball fathers.

    I have previously written on the range of items he can and must demand in exchange for the DACAs: immigration cuts, the wall, E-verify and ruthless employer penalties, an end to the myriad visa programs, abolishing chain migration, and even ending racial preferences in our beautifully diverse society. He can demand it all and if the dems walk away, well they donít care much for narcoleptics now do they?
    But that presumes there are actually people in Washington who donít want the population of Somalia living in Minnesota. And thereís little indication of that.

    But if mewling republicans are determined to give the people who hate them a customary victory, they could actually be a little canny about relinquishing the field. Hereís how: simply propose to let the DACAs go to the front of the immigration queue. Thatís unfair to other immigrants, but giving my country away is unfair to me, and that hardly grips the NYTs editorial board.

    So make DACAs constitute next yearís immigration quota. And thatís it. They get legalized, the Republicans remain only mini-hitlers, and actual new migrant intake is paused for a year by virtue of their virtuous line cutting. There are much more crucial initiatives, like repealing Hart-Celler. Though that hasnít even pierced Donaldís twitter fog. In its absence, this suggestion is one means of briefly running north on a southbound train.

    Yet the fact I havenít even heard it proposed probably means conservatives will soon enjoy the feel of familiar hands on each shoulder.

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    Equal opportunity skewering. I like it.

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