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Thread: Technology To Nix Cashiers At Hundreds Of Walmart, Kroger Stores

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    Default Technology To Nix Cashiers At Hundreds Of Walmart, Kroger Stores

    Technology to nix cashiers at hundreds of Walmart, Kroger stores

    About 500 Walmart and Kroger stores this year will utilize a smartphone app that eliminates the need for customers to interact with cashiers, according to published reports. Both companies are already using the technology, but plan to expand it in 2018.

    Walmart announced this week that 100 more stores will use its “Scan & Go” app. Walmart is already testing Scan & Go in a few select markets, including Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Arkansas, Georgia and Kentucky, according to Business Insider. Two-hundred Walmart stores will have the technology by the end of 2018, reports state.

    How does it work?
    Customers use the app to scan and bag items while they shop. The app displays the cost of each item, along with a running total. When customers are finished shopping, they can pay directly from their phones instead of standing in line at a register. Before leaving the store, Scan & Go customers will walk through a Mobile Express lane for security purposes.

    Some of the test stores have Scan & Go kiosks that allows customers to try out the system on a store handheld device before downloading the app to their phones.


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    This sounds similar to what our local Sam's Club is already doing. To keep the checkout lines short, a checker will scan all items in your shopping cart, then when you get to the cash register, all you have to do is pay and go. The only difference is that a checker does the work for you, and you still have to pay at the register.

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