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Thread: The Inside Dope on the Broward County Sheriff's Office

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatDaly View Post
    Actually, yes it does, and like it or not, it was the exact correct thing to do.
    If the Florida state constitution allows for it then I have no issue with it, I suppose.

    Though it is going to be a problem for you law-abiders who think your local sheriff's pledge to never confiscate guns is going to protect you in some way.

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    I'm really liking our new governor. Not only has he ousted Israel, the corrupter in chief of Broward county, but he got rid of the superintendent of schools in Okaloosa county. She had been under investigation for two years on various forms of allowing child abuse. My question is, why didn't Rick Scott act?

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    Things that make you say hmmm...

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