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Thread: Jeep Wrangler Production Ends To Make Way For New Pickup

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    Default Jeep Wrangler Production Ends To Make Way For New Pickup

    Third-generation Jeep Wrangler production ends to make way for new pickup


    The last of the third-generation Jeep Wranglers rolled off the assembly line in Toledo, Ohio, on Friday to make way for production of the automaker’s upcoming pickup.


    More than 2 million of the model – codenamed JK – have been built at the facility since 2006, making it one of the brand’s most successful models. The addition of the first four-door Wrangler Unlimited that year driving sales of the rugged off-roader to new heights.


    Jeep began assembling an all-new JL Wrangler late last year at a nearby facility, but kept the old plant running for a few months to keep up with demand during the transition. It will now be retooled to produce a new Wrangler-based pickup that could be called the Scrambler when it goes on sale next year.
    The final JK Wrangler was a fully-loaded Rubicon model that will remain in the company’s collection.

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    I have a lifted 4-door Tacoma and a 4 door Silverado; though I like the Wrangler that Scrambler slot was filled years ago
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