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Thread: The Digital Dark Age is Here

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    Default The Digital Dark Age is Here

    The Digital Dark Age is Here

    Written by Nathan McDonald

    For years I have warned about this, for years I have stated that these companies are not to be trusted, that they are listening to your every movement and tracking you in real time, selling your information to the highest bidder.

    For years, people scoffed at this idea, they laughed it off, until recently.

    People were outraged to hear that Facebook and other social media giants were indeed selling your information, they were gathering, collecting and packaging it to ad sponsors, but why were they shocked? Why couldn't they see the reality that was clearly in front of their eyes?

    Because ignorance is bliss.

    We live in interesting times indeed, times that are both exciting and precarious. We stand on a precipice of either great change, innovation and new levels of achievement, or we stand on the edge of complete and utter darkness.

    Sadly, people are not standing up, they are not voting with their dollars and they are blissfully ignoring the ensnaring net that is slowly being drawn around them.

    The digital dark age is here, and the elite few tech giants that are ushering it in are beginning their attack on anyone, anything that does not agree with their echo chamber of thought.

    A small handful of companies, you know their names well, virtually control a massive part of our society now. They have near complete control over many aspects of your lives, and don't for a second think that they don't.

    The vast majority of people in the West use some form of social media on a regular basis, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus or Youtube. Yet these companies all hail from one small, pocket of the world, resulting in an incredibly narrow train of thought, and diversity.

    These companies executives know each other, they meet socially and undoubtedly they discuss the future of the internet and how they can best shape it moving forward in their vision.

    This is an incredibly frightening occurrence of events, as we the people have literally handed them dominance over our virtual social lives, an aspect of society that can now dictate whether or not you get a job, are successful, or fail in a key aspect of our lives.

    Like it or not, the internet is a massive part of society and will likely become increasingly more so as we move forward into the future.
    Over this past week, we have witnessed the first virtual execution of our times.

    Alex Jones, the controversial, yet very popular conspiracy theorist and owner of Infowars, was their target and the verdict was absolute . He had to be, and he was destroyed.

    Don't for a second think that I agree with all of his nonsense, nor do I like him, but what I do like is the free market, free speech and a free society. This week we lost that.

    Collectively, they banned and deleted all of his accounts, all of his pages, in which he had millions of followers, in a series of virtual head-shots, wiping him off the internet, stating that he violated their "terms of service".

    Linkedin, a platform where he posted no content, also deleted his account, even though he violated no terms of service, completing his wipe out and truly showing Silicon Valleys true intentions.

    Alex Jones, was an easy target for them, but don't for a second think he will be the last. This week also saw a number of social media accounts banned linked to Ron Paul, libertarians and other major conservatives.

    Now, rumors are swirling, that one of the largest sites on the internet, the Drudge Report will be next. Then, will it be Zero Hedge, and any other alt media website that doesn't agree absolutely with their train of thought? Who knows, but this should startle and alarm people.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and we are now seeing this in real time, once again, as we have many times previously throughout history.

    This new found digital power over our lives is something new, and something that has to be resisted. Alternative social media websites, that support free speech and freedom of expression need to be supported, such as Minds and Gab.

    This absolute digital power is exactly why I have been railing against the idea of a 100% digital fiat currency for years. The power that this would allow governments over our EVERYDAY lives, not just virtual, would be something out of a Orwellian nightmare and would make what we are seeing today via the social media tech giants look like child's play.

    Get out of your comfort zone, stand up for what is right and vote both with your feet and your dollars. No company is too big to fail and no tide too big that it can't be resisted. The fight goes on for liberty, for freedom, as it always has and as it always will from now, until the end of time.
    The Digital Dark Age is Here
    ”The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” - Margaret Thatcher

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    I understand that Jones has millions more watching him at his site. He has not been taken off the whole internet.
    Jones could not have gotten better publicity.
    I think there is more to these stories than what is commonly posted.

    As for the Corporate controllers, does anyone remember the movie "Rollerball" with James Caan 30 or 40 years ago?
    The plot was Caan, a star player was to throw a game and everything in the country or world was controlled by 6 Corporations.
    We have that today. Look to see what Corporations run other Corporations. There are only 4 that control nearly ALL broadcast media.

    Maybe this will wake some more up to the fact that governments do not control countries.
    People in government are just the face to direct the public's attention.
    The people that control the world are the Mega Corporate heads. And that includes the Banksters.

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    Microsoft could suspend cloud hosting for Gab

    The founder of Gab, a social network favored by some on the far right, said it had deleted two anti-Semitic posts from a user after Microsoft told it Thursday that failure to do so would imperil its ability to continue to be hosted by the giant's Azure cloud service.
    The big picture: Online platforms like Facebook and YouTube have faced a slew of controversies over removing users who engage in hate speech. But the hosts and service providers for individual websites and software systems can crack down, too.

    Show less

    The details: The posts in question come from Patrick Little, a neo-Nazi who attempted a Senate run in California, according to a screenshot of a message from Microsoft that Gab posted. Gab founder Andrew Torba said Thursday night on the platform that after Little had promised to delete the posts, and then hadn't done so, the "took action and removed both posts."
    It came after Microsoft had told the site it would pull its cloud hosting services if it didn't address the situation.

    • "Microsoft received a complaint about specific posts on that advocate ‘ritual death by torture’ and the ‘complete eradication’ of all Jews," the company said in a statement. "After an initial review, we have concluded that this content incites violence, is not protected by the First Amendment, and violates Microsoft Azure’s acceptable use policy."
    • Gab had 48 hours from when it was notified to "remove this content or respond to Microsoft."

    What they said: " is of course free to choose otherwise and work with another cloud service provider or host this content itself," the company said. "If it wishes to make that choice, we will provide it with a reasonable amount of time, in this instance longer than 48 hours, to transition its content elsewhere before its access to Azure is terminated."
    The backdrop: Many digital platforms have recently banned Alex Jones' InfoWars, which has promoted conspiracy theories for years. Gab itself was started by far-right users unhappy with content moderation and user bans on Twitter and Facebook.
    Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect the statement from Gab's Andrew Torba that the site had removed Little's posts.

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    There is no such thing as " hate speech".

    The creation is a prog tool to shut down the exchange of ideas and enforce a single narrative.

    Look closely at those who use the word. See your enemy in the days ahead.
    A warrior lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting.

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    There is hope. Decentralized applications based on Blockchain, smart contracts, decentralized storage and apps will eventually destroy all of the companies that are at war with the people right now which it is why it is so important for people to understand where blockchain and cryptos are headed.

    Web 1.0 was characterized by the common person putting up their own web pages, Web 2.0 was characterized by the consolidation of content and e-commerce by big companies to "Extract" profits from users, Web 3.0 will be characterized by decentralized "User/Owners" creating and running applications where people can interact without a large company extracting dollars/personal info/content.

    An example might be: Frank wants to watch a movie owned by Sony on Amazon Prime at a cost of $5 (where Sony makes $1 and Amazon makes $4). Instead he chooses to watch it on Cryptoflix(or some other blockchain app) for $2.50 instead. In this case Sony has uploaded the encrypted movie and asked for $2 for someone to watch it (so they double their profit for making the movie) The files are stored locally down the street from Frank on Jim's computer (and hundreds like his) and Jim gets .50 cents for serving up the encrypted movie on a computer that he might still be using to play video games or watch his own movies.

    This entire transaction takes place via a network of nodes that are not owned by anybody, payments happen via agreed upon terms (called smart contracts), and since the program lives in the "wild" on computers like Franks and Jims there is no profit that will ever need to be paid - EVER. This means that Amazon prime will never be able to compete on price and has to shift to creating real value to its customers.

    What does twitter or google or facebook or netflix do that actually creates value? Answer - nothing. They are all easily replaceable with off the shelf technology that runs on private nodes around the world with incentives built in to reward the users that desire to help run the network. Like any change it will not be overnight but is coming. The cryptocurrencies that are so controversial are the currencies that are required for interacting on these networks but also serve the function of funding the startup costs of the network (which is centralized until they are released into the wild).

    Of course there are lots of issues with this that need to be resolved but the pace that they are being figured out is staggering if you are following it. The reality is that big companies are in real trouble and they are just starting to figure it out.
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