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Thread: Time to close the Post Office?

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    Default Time to close the Post Office?

    October 12, 2018

    Time to close the Post Office?

    By Mike Phelps

    The Second Continental Congress founded the U.S. postal system in 1775 with Benjamin Franklin as the first postmaster general. As of 2017, the United States Postal Service employed more than 500,000 people and has reported its 11th straight year of losses. The USPS said in a statement that it believes an increase of the first-class forever stamp from 50 cents to 55 cents will help to keep the agency competitive. Only a taxpayer-funded government monopoly would try to argue that raising prices would make it more competitive in the marketplace.

    Is the post office the definition of a permanent government program? After more than 240 years, can we agree that at least this particular piece of federal government bureaucracy has outlived any reasonable lifespan? We are well into the information age driven by microprocessors that among other things, allow all of us to communicate almost instantaneously with people all around the planet. Why does the USPS believe it has to try to remain competitive? Why shouldn’t we just phase it out over a couple of years and honor it with a “job pretty well done?”

    Scores of private delivery companies would be able to take on the workload and leave the swollen behemoth that is the federal government just a smidgen leaner. It increasingly seems like the answer might be that the USPS is democrat dominated union jobs program that delivers a lot of government checks to a lot of people -- many of them Democratic voters.
    ”The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” - Margaret Thatcher

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    It will never happen.
    Lysander Spooner created a competitive mail service in the 1830s or 1840s.
    It was cheaper and more efficient.
    It ran no more than a couple years before the government shut him down.
    There is a reason that I can not understand for the quasi government control of first class mail.
    The postal system is not just the problem in the U. S.
    It is largely the same system through out the world.
    The headquarters for the worlds postal system in in Berne Switzerland.

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    Good grief. Why not increase the price of junk mail??
    It will reduce the burden of usps.
    While increasing income.
    Saves trees.
    Reduces landfill.
    And most importantly reduce my annoyance!
    Dont need new windows- I rent!
    Dont need dental insurance- wear dentures!
    Cant afford a two week cruise in Europe!
    Thats just today's haul...

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    It was raining one day last week. I checked tracking and I had several packages "out for delivery". They never came, and at the end of the day the tracking changed to "packages held at post office by customer's request." Umm, what? I went on the website and scheduled re-delivery for next available day. They were never delivered and the tracking never updated again.
    This has happened multiple times. I dread rainy days.
    USPS sucks. It's just welfare for the lazy.

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