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Thread: Got the call.

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    Default Got the call.

    I received the call this morning that one of my old buddies had punched his X dot out last night.
    It occurred on Halloween night they estimate. I had last spoken to him last month and he had no clue who I was,or about our past.
    I had tried to remain in contact but could not close the miles as often as I needed, I don't know if it would have helped.
    The last few years he had lost his mind, was living in a run down house no electricity, water or heat. No one cared for ol' crazy Bob,a family had long ago left him. Just an occasional visit from a Sheriff deputy doing a health check was it.

    Crazy Bob, a name he was labeled with when we were students.
    RIP Crazy,
    for Bob.
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    prayers up for both of you . . . RIP crazy bob

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    Sorry to hear that, Plainsman. At least there was someone -- you -- to mourn his passing.
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    RIP Bob; sorry to hear this. I lost some GI buddies in similar circumstances, drank themselves to death.
    While I'm here:
    RIP Dustin Bailey; 557th, 5th Corps, 3rd Army
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    Rest In Peace
    When thing's look bad,pray,when things are good pray!

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