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Thread: Burns and sepsis

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    Yes! He's begun to heal well now. So well that as long as it continues at the current rate, he won't have to have skin grafts. he has to wear a special boot to walk with, but je does have difficulty walking as they don't want him to tear that matrix stuff. It's still a gaping wound, still large, but it's filling in gradually. He has to wear some sort of wound vac over it. Looks like a misplaced gas mask lol!

    Bless God for his mercy.

    May you all be blessed as a result of your willingness to talk to God on Clayton's behalf. He needs those prayers, he needs God's intervention in his life and health.
    As an American you have the right to not believe in guns. You also have the right to not believe in God. But if someone is trying to break into your home, or wants to harm you, the first thing you will do is pick up the phone and call someone with a gun. The second thing you will do is pray that they get there in time. ~Don Moore

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    I'm so sorry I didn't see this before. Will add Clayton to the prayer list. The advances in treating burns are truly amazing. He's a young man, and it sounds like he was active and fit... all much in his favor.

    May God continue to touch and heal his body. May He hold him and his beloved family close, and may they know His loving concern in a very real way.

    Asking for God's perfect will in their lives. .


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