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Rod Rosenstein is Trump's appointee to the position of Deputy Director of the US Justice Department. As such he was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Department. He supplied the memo use by President Trump to justify the firing of FBI Director James Comey (in spite of Comey's investigation of Clinton in the last weeks of the race that likely cost her the election.) Once Comey had been fired and then AG Jeff Sessions had recused himself from the Russia investigation, Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to run the job of the investigation. As Deputy Director, Rosenstein was also responsible for overseeing investigation of the president's personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen re payments to Stormy Daniels and other matters. With the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting AG, Whitaker took over the role of supervising Special Counsel's Russia investigation.

Rosenstein was reported to have made remarks about secretly recording conversations with the president and the usefulness of using the 25th Amendment to remove him. (Rosenstein is well known for his sarcasm.)

That's the short version.

I really do not care who he is as long as he stops collecting a paycheck.