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Thread: Amazon is selling entire houses for less than $20,000 — with free shipping

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    Default Amazon is selling entire houses for less than $20,000 — with free shipping

    Amazon is selling entire houses for less than $20,000 — with free shipping

    Published: May 22, 2019 2:46 p.m. ET

    There are a number of strange but intriguing cabins and homes for sale on the internet giant that are low priced. But they’ve often got big downsides and additional costs.

    Lillevilla Allwood Getaway Cabin is being sold on Amazon.


    Housing firms have found a new home: Amazon.

    Prefabricated and modular housing — where homes are pre-built in factories — is having its moment. From 2013 to 2018, industry revenue grew an annualized 8.6% to nearly $10.5 billion, including growth of 4.1% in 2018 alone, according to research firm IBISWorld.

    These homes have even hit Amazon AMZN, +0.12% — and are apparently selling out there. Indeed, multiple news outlets like real estate sites Curbed and The Real Dealreported that this 172-sq-ft $7,250 prefab cabin, which the manufacturer claims can be built in eight hours, on Amazon sold out. (The house offers free shipping.) Then many again reported that the home was back in stock.

    And it’s not the only home for sale on the internet giant — and some can even become residences. “I’m not surprised to see [homes for sale on Amazon],” says Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert at — as “selling these homes online presents a new level of opportunity for the retailer to reach consumers who are outside of their local area.” Here are a few homes for sale on Amazon — ranging in price from a few thousands dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

    The 292-sq-ft Lillevilla Allwood Getaway Cabin, about $19,000
    The company notes that this 292-sq-ft cabin (square footage does not include the additional sleeping loft) “is large enough to function as a summer house, home office or even a stand-alone retail building” and that “by adding the utility hookups this cabin can be converted to a residence.” Of course, that will cost extra, and the company notes that if you live in a colder spot you’ll need to add extra insulation. Two adults can assemble this home in 2-3 days, the company says.

    The 1,000-sq-ft Ecohousemart Timber Home, for about $40,000
    This modern-looking structure made of northern spruce was “designed as a lounge” that “can be used as a house with a lot of flexibility in terms of interior layout.” The company notes that an “experienced architect can turn this into a permanent facility.” For an additional cost, of course.

    The 113-sq-ft Lillevilla Escape, for about $5,000
    The company says that this cabin is better suited for a structure for your “hobby, garden or pool tools and supplies” or “simply a retreat in your backyard.” And like most of these homes, that low price (though it does include free shipping) is just a starting point — should you want to add basics like insulation that will be extra, as will creating a foundation.
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    I believe this is what Sears was doing 100 years ago with their Craftsman homes.

    In the 1970s, I worked for a builder who built "pre-cut" homes and they were (are) quite common and high quality.

    This method, compared to stick built, had efficiencies and cost savings
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