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Thread: There's A Bit Of "In Your face" Prophecy In Recent 'Media' Memes...Wanna See?

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    Default There's A Bit Of "In Your face" Prophecy In Recent 'Media' Memes...Wanna See?

    "We must tell them before the event" is the mantra of evil, and such a statement has often been proven true. Though, for many they do not actually perceive causation of events until they become literal fact, or, much later perhaps -- recorded history.

    The following paragraph reveals yet TWO more 'signs' of the 'plan' of evil to subdue the entire world.

    "Universal has decided to scrap the release of 'The Hunt' an R-rated satire in which elites hunt 'deplorables' for sport following a series of mass shootings across the country," reports The Hollywood Reporter. The move comes after NBC Universal Pictures decided to pull several ads for "The Hunt" from TV following the horrific mass shootings last weekend in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Following that, the controversy over the movie then erupted into a maelstrom when it was revealed that the story line will focus on elite coastal liberals rounding up Trump supporters to hunt them down like wild animals."

    The TWO signs are... first that the movie was conceived and made at all, and second, that it is (supposedly?) being withdrawn.

    Re: the first sign- Present the utter depths of mankinds' collective "bottomless pit" of evil, and VISUALLY stoke it via an idea which has DIVIDED people roughly 50-50, and is presently emotionally HOT.

    RE: the second sign- Do you remember the marketing ruse that Coca-Cola pulled some years back, when they 'pulled' their original formula from manufacture and came out with 'New Coke'?

    The uproar, 'petitions' and outright threats to the company?
    The eventual 'relenting' of the company who came out with 'classic' coke?
    That marketing ruse increased Coca-Cola's bottom line sales immensely. It ignited anew the 'taste tests', which Pepsi still has not completely recovered from.

    Well, here's another "marketing ploy", his time by evil: 'pulling' the movie will result in more demand for it, for evil is prevalent and growing now, and the visual stimulus of the movie will simply feed the bottomless pit in the mind of people.
    Similar to "mind controlled" MK-Ultra mass shooters, a new and large group of Libs, SJW's and impressionable, anything goes youth will have 'visions' and 'act out'.

    As for the 'contest' between "Trump supporters" and Never-Trump advocates, they are equally reverent in their convictions.

    But, it's much more than 'convictions', as anyone who witnesses the 'news' media can see. There is "blood in the eyes" of all.

    NOW... LOOK, SEE..

    FACT #1: DJT, His VP and his entire staff and appointees are either professing Christians, or at least use Christian ideals in their duties.

    That "Trump Supporters" are virtually synonymous with 'Christians' is a no-brainer. Those supporters that do not profess Christianity are more than OK with those that do. They are their own 'nation', and united in their zeal to MAGA.

    FACT #2: DJT is HATED by evil, and has been so since before his election. Such a fact requires no further discussion.

    'Birds of a feather, flock together" So, just as good recognizes good, and is attracted to good people, evil does exactly the same. The joining of people with like mind is shown in both Trump rallies as well as in Chicago gang-bangers.

    FACT #3: There is a confrontation imminent. In the flesh. The final one. Between good and evil.

    BIBLICAL fact of Prophecy..overview...
    1) Evil will WIN this flesh war. Positively EVERY SINGLE PROFESSING Christian will be murdered by the 'beast' system's evil PEOPLE. Yes, ALL. MURDERED. By EVIL PEOPLE.

    2) Evil people will rejoice and even send gifts to each other in celebration of their victory.

    3) EVIl will throw a gigantic worldwide party lasting 3 and 1/2 days.

    4) Their party then ends, and Justice is restored forever, as The Supreme Court is called into session. "Here Comes The JUDGE"

    Does the above sound like BS to you?

    Well, if you can believe that "evil must tell you beforehand"
    then you can surely reason rightly that "good' must do likewise.

    And it has. All the events to come, items 1-4 are precisely written EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED above in a document that is nearly 2000 years old.

    So, whether you are a Christian, or merely one who is OK with Christians, or even one who thinks it is all BS, or you may just be inquisitive or curious, and want to read it (it's only a few paragraphs). It's Revelation Chapter 11.

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    To clarify, I DID NOT say all Christians. I said All PROFESSING Christians. Go back and read it again.

    As with all wars, this one will be no different. Only the warriors die. There are many called, but few chosen to fight. Whether you can accept it or not Christ is calling together His end-time army. He is sealing 144,000 warriors for the task, selected from His two candlesticks as is perfectly shown in Rev 7 and Rev 14.

    No the ‘2 witnesses’ are not two individuals, as the fables of Bethel would have you believe. Bethel wants you to be cowering under rocks eating tuna fish sandwiches and praying to ‘mother of god‘, Mary while rattling prayer beads.

    Christian Spiritual Warriors have the Armor of God, and don’t quit in the face of evil.

    See: for scriptural proof of who the witnesses are.

    There will surely be many true Christian warriors that are not physically able to stand and
    defy the beast in person, due to age or infirmity. They are wholly it the fight never the less, with prayer without ceasing.

    They are the ones who will feed and supply the active warriors who are being murdered.

    There are also many others, like the immense crowds Christ fed. They had only followed Him for the free fish sandwiches.

    The battle in the valley of decision is near, now. Choose your side as you are so directed. For choose you will, either by standing for Christ or cowering with Bethel, as they are stunned and found lacking, not able to understand the events that happened in a moment without their stone temple being rebuilt, not recognizing the 'antichrist' that has lived within the bottomless pit of their 'temple of gods' for eons.

    Amos 5:5
    5 But seek not Bethel, nor enter into Gilgal, and pass not to Beersheba: for Gilgal shall surely go into captivity, and Bethel shall come to nought. (KJV)

    Stay in the Stone…

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